Tuesday, February 02, 1999

Lewinsky gets a Clinton apology

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        WASHINGTON — President Clinton's lawyers Monday offered Monica Lewinsky an apology “on behalf of the president” for the difficulties the impeachment investigation has caused her.

        They turned down the chance to ask any questions during testimony forced by House prosecutors.

        The deposition of the former intern took place behind closed doors in the Mayflower Hotel's presidential suite, but was videotaped for senators weighing the impeachment charges.

        Rep. Ed Bryant, R-Tenn., spent about four hours posing questions on behalf of the House prosecution team that fought to persuade the Senate to summon Ms. Lewinsky. Her testimony closely tracked her earlier account to a federal grand jury, according to sources familiar with the testimony who commented only on condition of anonymity. The sources were not associated with the House prosecution team and worked outside the White House.

        Presidential friend Vernon Jordan is scheduled to be questioned today and White House aide Sidney Blumenthal on Wednesday in a private room at the Capitol.

        At one point in Monday's session, private presidential attorney Nicole Seligman read a statement that apologized to Ms. Lewinsky “on behalf of the president for all the trouble the investigation and impeachment trial had caused her,” one of the sources said.

        The chances were slim for any bombshells at Monday's session since Ms. Lewinsky would risk her immunity deal with Mr. Starr by saying anything inconsistent with her grand jury testimony.


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