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Theater critic and arts reporter Jackie Demaline has been with The Cincinnati Enquirer since 1994, following seven years as entertainment editor of the Albany Times-Union in upstate New York. In 1998 the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists named her the state's top arts reporter.

Her column philosophy: I believe arts change lives and that arts matter to every community. So every Sunday my aim is to tell readers what's most significant in the arts in our community. Arts are about politics and education and suburbs and downtown development and everyday people, not just what's on more formal stages.

Her reviewing philosophy: I want to put you in the seat next to me. I want to be surprised and provoked, to think and feel. I want you to respond to my writing and I strive to be consistent so that, like me or hate me, you can use me as a guideline.

E-mail: jdemaline@yahoo.com, phone: (513) 768-8530, fax: (513) 768-8330, mail: Jackie Demaline, Tempo, The Cincinnati Enquirer, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.

D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 2
Look Back at 2002 in Theater - A tough, eventful act to follow on stages
Arts resolutions must be followed with hard work
Arts-friendly Cincinnati budget will bring cheer throughout year
Lead singers soar in 'Black Nativity'
'Contact' could dance into a lot of hearts
We can bring more people to the arts
Be a tourist in your hometown
`Twelfth Night' romp lacks direction - NKU students show potential
Only best arts slogan will fly

N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 2
Playhouse `Lear' staging honored
`Boys from Syracuse' better than Broadway
Museums will be poppin' next year
`The Bible' humor in sophomoric class
Founder plans to energize shaky Shakespeare Festival
Busy playwright's `Holiday' is on stage
Church concerts tune in to the tango - Tour brings in international performers - and it's free
Strong arts community can be fountain of youth
Method in the madness of farce - Lights cue actors to make right moves in frantic `Flea in Her Ear'
Students make `Cuckoo's Nest' fly

O C T O B E R   2 0 0 2
Encourage city leaders to expand budget for arts
'A Train' offers an actor-driven dose of real life
'Producers' roadshow is one to remember
Producers' first shot at being the star
Shakespeare could help heal racial woes
Stars of 'Lintel' and 'Lentils' light up stage
Frugal theatergoers can find bargains
'Les Miz' production a sure crowd-pleaser

S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 2
'Havana' self-indulgent destination
Fans get paws on 'Lion King' tickets - Record sales greet Broadway sensation
CCM grads stocking 'Les Miserables'
Strong theater season needs audience
'Angry Men' right play at right place in right time
CCM faculty spend summer backstage
CCM faculty spend summer backstage
Seventh-grader debuts at Playhouse
'The Jackies' salute a dazzling season of hometown theater

A U G U S T   2 0 0 2
New Edgecliff moves to Newport
Pre-med student found theater in her blood- Next Wave/Who's up and coming
Know troupe equal to task in 'Anton in Show Business'
Universities foster experimentation
Hunt down theater's wild side
Theater's alternative face - Area producers, directors push the 'we don't do that here' envelope
Young actors mix cell phones, broadswords
African-American writers take risks
Know Theater season gives voice to the unheard
Rosenthal winner set in Cold War
Playhouse opens new worlds to new generations
CCM drama program gets $3.8M boost

J U L Y   2 0 0 2
Raconteur Barrie fondly remembers days at Edgecliff
Theater festivals offer twin delights
Advocacy workshop encourages supporters
Summer filled with aging 'family' fare
Arts group starts fall with anniversary festival
'Wingfield' returns with rural charm
Non-Equity 'Music Man' could hit the wrong notes
Sunday salons lure political candidates - Advocacy group lines up monthly meetings, projects
Favorites fill theater seats - Boycott, economy can't keep people from performances

J U N E  2 0 0 2
Summer, and it's time for plays
Broadway team tells new story at Hot Summer Nights
Actor plays an entire town - 'Wingfield' sequel back at Playhouse
Trouble right here in 'Music Man'
Covedale center plans new season
Author pushes creative theory
Spoleto highlights good theater Ghost stories, South African folk, ninjas take stages
'Abracadabra' adds big, beasty cats
Best and worst of theater season

M A Y   2 0 0 2
Play never brings 'Alexander' to life
Buildings frame artful dreams - Devoted people are turning classic sites into community arts centers
Next on stage: Greatest hits musicals
Buildings frame artful dreams - Devoted people are turning classic sites into community arts centers
'Blonde' re-creates larger-than-life Mae West
Gallery lets artists be artists
Dancing queens make 'Mamma Mia!' goofy fun
CCM director to go around the world with 'Three Tales'
SCPA grad inching closer to New York
CCM director to go around the world with 'Three Tales'
'Naked's minimalist staging, wiry script is simply terrific
How does gender influence our views?
'Cowgirls' takes classical turn - Violinist Mary Murfitt writes dynamic play withher music in mind

A P R I L  2 0 0 2
'King' revisits dysfunctional family
Carnegie celebrates centennial, renovation
New Edgecliff work tells the 'Naked' truth
Aronoff's 'Swing' just ain't got that soulful, artful thing
Dancers do the swing thing - Country, Latin, big band or hip-hop ...
Fine Arts Fund hits goal amid turbulence
Pazinskis encore with 'King o' the Moon'
Pazinskis encore with 'King o' the Moon'
Traveling exhibit gets aboard Metro buses
Ovation sticks with formula - 'Towers' leads off 2002-03 season
Ensemble pursues younger actors, audience - 9-11 tribute slated for opener
'Casey' goes to bat for Children's Theatre - Shakespeare production misses mark
Theater's first play celebrates joy of acting
All the city's her stage - Xavier's new performance space is only a small part of what Cathy Springfield wants for Cincinnati
Not much to 'Like' here - Shakespeare production misses mark
'Laramie' also a local project
$1 million spread among eight city arts projects
Local playwright mixes Scots, Native Americans
Shakespeare Festival season shaped by unrest
Status quo scares artistic director - Shakespeare schedule mixes tradition, risk

M A R C H  2 0 0 2
Set the stage for play-filled spring
'Medea' is smart production
'South Pacific' unbelievable - Age gets best of Goulet, story
City one of five survey sites
Goulet brings star power to 'South Pacific'
'Limonade' a bittersweet concoction
Young playwright has whirlwind year
Playhouse openers examine American life
'Indians' talks audience to death
'20/20' new vision of the arts
Christie's 'Indians' has timeless charm
Children's, XU team for 'Mockingbird'

F E B R U A R Y  2 0 0 2
Six actresses put their hearts into wartime roles
'Slave Shack' has Enron echoes
2001 found Tristate in arts major leagues
'General' new look at Benedict Arnold
2001 found Tristate in arts major leagues

J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 2
College to train backstage workers - Cincinnati State classes to focus on design, history
Arts a vital component of 'Vine Street Project'
The Arts Jan 20
Future of American musical- Summit explores best new works
Black theater fest casts about for funds

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