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The Cincinnati Enquirer's TV critic John Kiesewetter.

D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 0
Barbara Walters turns down date Dec. 19
Bart Simpson's secrets revealed Dec. 18
Viewers for Quality Television canceled Dec. 15
Ex-Cincinnatian finds inventor's story electrifying Dec. 13
Lakota grad's show to follow 'Frasier' Dec. 12
'A Charlie Brown Christmas' almost didn't get made Dec. 11
Comedy writer on one show too many Dec. 6
KKK strikes out on Channel 19 Dec. 5

N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 0
Channel 12 plays news game to win Nov. 29
'Mister Rogers' moves to Internet Nov. 20
Mike Douglas sounds off on TV talk shows Nov. 15
Great comedic talent wasted on 'D.A.G.' Nov. 14
Ordinary men's 'Honor' well-documented Nov. 13
'Beginning' sticks to what Bible says Nov. 12
Right or wrong, it was dramatic TV Nov. 9
'Danisms' pepper election night Nov. 7
Oh, 'Dear,' new season filled with surprises Nov. 6
Let the sweeps begin! Nov. 1

O C T O B E R   2 0 0 0
'Normal' a 'Roseanne' clone, minus the laughs Oct. 30
Poor 'Richards' looks like loser Oct. 24
Kelley's heroes are now teachers Oct. 23
New fall TV Oct. 22
Public TV veteran will run WCET Oct. 20
Fox return another ratings stunt? Oct. 16
'Ed' is a show Dave would like Oct. 15
Free 'neighborly' remodeling Oct. 12
CBS welcomes comedic keepers Oct. 11
'Geena' boring; 'Gideon' bores in Oct. 10
Jazz station WNOP plans sign-off Oct. 9
NBC's charming romance 'Ed' will bowl you over Oct. 8
'Fugitive' puts viewers right back in the chase Oct. 6
'Make friends with 'Gilmore Girls' Oct. 5
Frame takes leave under cloud Oct. 4
'Dark Angel' sinks into familiarity Oct. 3
Don't judge new TV season by tonight's shows Oct. 2
Midwest television turns trendy Oct. 1

S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 0
'Exclusive' bad call for Channel 12 Sep. 28
Channel 25 needs cable visibility Sep. 27
Court TV caves Sep. 21
TV tunes in to diversity Sep. 17
Double the TV time, but itís all on tape Sep. 13
Dr. Laura's TV show inoffensive Sep. 12
Couric living for 'Today' Sep. 11
TV appearance stirs political row Sep. 11
Dr Laura TV show sparks protest Sep. 11
Sitcom producer has serious stories to tell, too Sep. 6
Revamped stations promise high standards Sep. 5
TNT brings 'Pretender' back to life Sep. 4

A U G U S T   2 0 0 0
'NYPD Blue' turns up the heat Aug. 29
Split final for country stations Aug. 28
'Survivor' snake trounced rat Aug. 24
Crosby pays tribute to musicians who have 'Counted' Aug. 21
It gets hot in 'Millionaire' lifeline seat Aug. 17
Internet queen brings bikinis to late-night TV Aug. 16
Tornado warnings can't deter 'Survivor' addicts Aug. 11
PBS chief promises more live programming Aug. 10
Clooney's TV work victim of his success Aug. 8
Can singles survive 'Love Cruise' adventure? Aug. 7
Gervase fails survival test Aug. 4
WUBE 'temporary' show nominated Aug. 3

J U L Y   2 0 0 0
Survivor shares last words from TV press tour Jul. 31
Network puts too much blue in 'Baby Blues' Jul. 27
Bette Midler fits right in on her new sitcom Jul. 26
Goodman's show features Tristate Jul. 24
Emmy awards are a hit-and-miss show Jul. 23
TV show about gay man set near Cincinnati Jun. 22
'Michael Richards Show' a shambles? Jul. 21
TV critic survives first week of press tour Jul. 17
It's TNN vs. USA in ratings smackdown Jul. 16
'Freaks' too pricey for cable Jul. 14
PBS' '1900 House' shows 'dirty, hard work' Jun. 11
USA cable scuttles 'Schott' story Jul. 13
Fall TV season a game of survival Jul. 9
WCPO grounds 'Chopper 9' Jul. 7

J U N E   2 0 0 0
WCPO seeks HDTV e-mail addresses Jun. 22
Joe Webb captures our 'Hometown' Jun. 21
Search on for Rashid replacement Jun. 20
DJ not the man he used to be - and more Jun. 19
WSAI-AM's 'JFPO' to retire Jun. 16
P&G boosts scripts prize Jun. 15
PBS' '1900 House' shows 'dirty, hard work' Jun. 11
MTV veteran on network TV Jun. 6
Carol Burnett here Tuesday Jun. 5
Writer models 'M.Y.O.B.' set after Loveland Jun. 4

M A Y   2 0 0 0
CBS' maneuvers to be a 'Survivor' May 31
CNN changed the way we view news May 29
CNN changed the way we view news May 28
Leis defends views on Mapplethorpe May 26
Channel 12 sweeps news ratings May 25
'Dirty Pictures' producer persevered May 24
Readers find two anchors one too many May 22
TV movie brings back chilling memories May 21
'Frasier' falls back to Tuesday May 16
Local radio stations minus 'Imus' May 15
Networks roll dice May 14
$30M contract proves Springer's resilience May 10
Florida reins in radio contests May 9
Drew Carey sings praises of 'Geppetto' May 7
Cable access salutes best work May 5
Two anchors sinking newcasts May 3
She keeps 'Becker' honest May 1

A P R I L   2 0 0 0
May sweeps away big TV names Apr. 26
Stumped by the Stooges Apr. 24
Documentaries have their day Apr. 23
Two former locals in NBC pilot Apr. 21
Local filmmaker's 'Golem' ready at last Apr. 19
WCET tops 'Action Auction' goal Apr. 18
'Concert deal could turn up volume in radio wars Apr. 17
'Walking with Dinosaurs' makes you believe you are Apr. 16
'At Home' most at home here Apr. 14
Clooney's live drama tonight 'Fail Safe' in name only Apr. 9
NBC to bench Saturday night shows Apr. 7
Video guru gets jump on HDTV Apr. 5
USA cable might bench Schott bio Apr. 3
PBS encourages kids to read Between the Lions Apr. 2

M A R C H   2 0 0 0
Channel 9 wins third Peabody Mar. 31
Schaefer leaving Ch. 9 for natural reasons Mar. 29
Channel 9 also stands for non-news Mar. 23
'Then Came You' finally arrives Mar. 22
WKRC-TV keeps ratings crown Mar. 3
PBS pledge programs carefully aim for emotions Mar. 1

F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 0
'Beach Boys' actors look authentic thanks to Bridgetown native Feb. 27
How long game shows thrive is anyone's guess Feb. 23
'2Gether' delightful spoof of boy bands Feb. 20
'Oprah' slips in Tristate ratings Feb. 16
Viewer's verdict: 'Judging Amy' is a hit Feb. 14
Jefferson-Hemings is a love story Feb. 13
Liddy's off local air, but it's no conspiracy Feb. 9
'Mary & Rhoda' miss mark Feb. 7
Native makes sweet music in Hollywood Feb. 6
Sweeps offer a few sweets Feb. 3
Poitier humbled by profile Feb. 2
'Nova' builds case for ancient engineering marvels Feb. 1

J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 0
Broo hopes to earn Ch. 5 bravos Jan. 31
NBC delays private-eye comedy Jan. 28
'90210,' 'Party' probably history Jan. 27
The 'acting' White House Jan. 26
Showtime's Barrie film promotes free speech Jan. 23
'Sopranos' shrink hints at season Jan. 21
'ER' undergoes surgery for post-Clooney slump Jan. 19
'Millionaire' show in class by itself Jan. 17
Clooney hopes to inject some 'live' into television Jan. 16
Cast is risk, strength of 'Angels' Jan. 14
Children's programming activist sees light at the end of the tube Jan. 13
Loveland grad bases TV series set on her old school Jan. 12