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The Cincinnati Enquirer's TV critic John Kiesewetter.

M A Y   1 9 9 9
'Just one question' away from 'Jeopardy' fame May 6
'Noah' goes overboard May 2

A P R I L   1 9 9 9
Sweeps historic, epic and ... trashy Apr. 28
Networks weighing shows on the edge Apr. 21
TV coverage of tornado took different paths Apr. 18
Channel 48 puts 'Auction' into action Apr. 14
'ER' actress dreams about having it all Apr. 7
Springer casting suggestions don't add up Apr. 5

M A R C H   1 9 9 9
I-Team chief did fine work at Channel 9 Mar. 31
Primte-rime cartoon craze Mar. 28
'Norm' on too early; 'You Know' wacky fun Mar. 24
Media go overboard with boasts Mar. 17
Without help, new shows will be DOA Mar. 15
Carl Reiner comes clean about P&G Mar. 10
Network fill-ins Mar. 8
Lewinsky helps Ch. 9 win sweeps Mar. 5
Who will filmakers cast as Springer? Mar. 3
Remember to watch 'Any Day Now' Mar. 1

F E B R U A R Y 1 9 9 9
Schroder makes case on 'NYPD' Feb. 28
'Know It Alls' deserves sponsors Feb. 24
She looks, talks, moves like Cher Feb. 22
Clooney works last shift on 'ER' Feb. 18
Viewers needed for 'Sports Night' Feb. 8
Hallmark's Hall of Fame tradition Feb. 7
Costs force networks to get real Feb. 3

J A N U A R Y   1 9 9 9
Everybody loves work on 'Raymond' Jan. 31
Sawyer, Gibson buy time for GMA Jan. 25
'Sunday Morning' celebrates 20 years of touting the arts Jan. 24
Grammer's analysis: Shows too dark Jan. 15
Carmen, Rodman still wed Jan. 11