Saturday, May 31, 2003

'It's fast and matches my lipstick'

Carol Sherman-Jones in her 1995 Mustang GT convertible.
The Enquirer/TONY JONES

Her first car
A royal-blue 1971 Ford Pinto with a black racing stripe. She learned to drive it at 16 and fell in love with stick shifts.

Her next car
Make and model is anybody's guess, but it's almost sure to be a convertible and almost sure to be a bright, showy color. "A girl's gotta match her lipstick," she says.
Carol Sherman-Jones is an author (My Life as a Gay Man in a Straight Woman's Body), cabaret singer and former owner of Carol's Corner Cafe in downtown Cincinnati.

She's also the proud owner of a hot cherry-red 1995 Ford Mustang GT convertible she bought because "I look good in it. It matches my lipstick. It's really fast, too, but it's terrible in winter. Even in the rain it fishtails."

But the best thing about it, she says, is it's paid for - and both doors open.

That's a reference to her first car, a Pinto: Only the passenger-side door would open. "I had to crawl over the gear shift. Oh, the passenger-side window wouldn't roll down either."

Jim Knippenberg