Saturday, June 7, 2003

It runs, but he'd rather have a mule

By Gina Daugherty
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Steve Daugherty stands in the bed of his Toyota pickup truck.

First car
He received a 1954 Plymouth Belvedere from his parents when he was in high school.

Next car
It won't have a motor. He'd like a team of mules and a wagon. "Since I started long-distance running, I realize the importance of moving slow." And the mules would be good around the farm.

Steve Daugherty uses what used to be his son's 1992 Toyota pickup truck primarily for work on his farm, where he has an organic vegetable garden.

A Brown County resident and native, he used his old '54 Plymouth Belvedere more for work than cruising, since he hadn't quite figured out "the girl thing yet." Then he adds, "I still haven't figured it out.

"What I remember most about my first car was that the headliner was torn, so my folks took pieces of plastic fabric and covered the torn spots. When you are 17 years old, those are the kind of things you look at."

Daugherty used to drive his Belvedere around late at night and listen to Sid McCoy, a radio disc jockey in Chicago, who played jazz. "That was my introduction to Billie Holiday."