Saturday, June 21, 2003

Go ahead, laugh - she loves it

Angie Schade with her Pontiac Aztek at her Oakley home. "Men hate my car, but women seem to love it," she says. It has a built-in tent.
MIKE SIMONS/For The Enquirer
First Car: A Plymouth Duster, circa 1970-something. It had plenty of pick-up with its V8 engine. "It was ugly and old even by the time I had it. I didn't care."

Dream Car: A Hummer. So she can intimidate people and run bad drivers off the road. "They're cool vehicles. ... you could go anywhere or do anything with them."

Angie Schade, of Hyde Park, doesn't care what you think about her car - she loves it anyway. Her canary yellow 2002 Pontiac Aztek, also known as "sunshine" or "the magic bus," comes with all the bells and whistles she could wish for.

"We got the camping package," Schade says. "It has a tent attached to the back. The center console is a removable cooler. It has six plugs for a computer. There is a ton of room in this car. You could live in there."

Schade also appreciates that her daughter, who is tall, can also fit comfortably in the SUV-type vehicle. There are also seats built into the rear hatch, perfect for her daughter Lauren's rainy soccer games. "Men hate my car, but women seem to love it."

Gina Daugherty

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