Saturday, October 18, 2003

Droptop Boss keeps him young

By Mona L. Bronson-Fuqua
Enquirer Contributor

Jeffrey Williams, 44, has owned this 1972 Mustang since 1978. He drove the car, which has 106,000 miles, in high school and college. The 300-horsepower car sold for $3,995 in 1972.

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Most people keep yearbooks, letter sweaters and fraternity pins as the mementos of their youth. Jeffrey Williams can track his fun in his 1972 baby blue, white top and interior Mustang convertible.

He purchased the car as a senior at Colerain High School in 1978 and drove it while getting his degree in business administration from the University of Cincinnati.

"I still have sand in it from driving on Daytona Beach during spring break in 1980. As much as I clean the convertible, I find the sand seems ubiquitous and must reproduce!" Williams says.

Williams' Mustang has been garaged for all of its 106,000 miles and has worn historical plates since the week after his 20th high school reunion.

Having recently driven his pride and joy to his 25th reunion, Williams says: " I would love to drive it more, but insurance, gas mileage and the rules about having historical plates prohibit that."

Dream car:

His father's colonial white 1956 Thunderbird. "It looks like the one Suzanne Somers drove in American Graffiti. He keeps it in Concourse condition. I learned to drive in that car before he completely restored it."

The everyday car:

A pewter 2002 GMC Envoy. "It has a different chassis than other SUV's and is as smooth as all get out. A very comfortable drive."

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