Saturday, November 22, 2003

Vintage MGA styling matches
owner's bent

Mona L. Bronson-Fuqua
Enquirer contributor

When Gary Kramig of College Hill found his 1960 MGA in 1984 "it was love at first sight." He drives a 2001 Toyota Celica during the week, but the MGA is his special weekend ride.

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Gary Kramig, College Hill, drives a British racing green 1960 MGA roadster. The car's artistic shape matches the artistic bent of this creative director for Iacono Productions and his wife, Jane, a McAuley High School art teacher.

Kramig had a Triumph Spitfire but finds the roadster to be even nicer.

"A friend had one and I went with him to buy parts. I saw the MGA, and it was love at first sight."

He drives a functional 2001 Toyota Celica during the week, and the MGA is his special weekend ride.

"The top stays down except for repair times," he says.

Kramig was the proud owner of another dear old car, a 1952 Nash Rambler, until six months ago when he sold it to a buyer in Sweden.

"He found it online, purchased it and had someone pick it up and ship it on a container ship."

While he is willing to share his beautiful roadster with his wife and son, he hasn't had his generosity tested.

"It has always been my toy. My wife won't drive it and at 6 (feet) 3 (inches), my son can't fit."

First car: A turquoise 1950 Chevy he got as a sophomore in high school.

"In 1965, it was already an old junker. But it was what I could afford, and I loved it."

Dream car: "An Audi TT two-seater convertible. Very sharp."

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