Saturday, December 13, 2003

She feels carefree in her '93 Civic

Nola Huron
Nada Huron, of Northside, drives a 1993 Honda Civic EX that had 55,000 miles on it when she bought it. She hopes to keep it until it reaches 250,000 miles.
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For 18 years, it was nothing but Plymouth Horizons and Dodge Omnis for 55-year-old Northside resident Nada Huron.

She found the cars dependable and functional, and she stayed loyal to the brand even after one sank in a creek bed behind the old Swallen's store on Princeton Pike after a severe rainstorm in 1985. She was still driving one in 1997 when she began looking for a new ride.

"After four of them, it was time for something different," she says.

Huron says her longtime mechanic told her to buy a Honda or Toyota.

She took his advice and bought a black, 1993 Honda Civic EX coupe.

Huron, a medical secretary, says she feels carefree in the Civic, and that it's well-built and low-maintenance.

Her affinity for the auto even withstood the criticism of the Car Talk radio show hosts, Tom and Ray, who told her after she took their online quiz that it didn't match her personality.

The Civic had 55,000 miles on it when Huron bought it. She's since driven that number up to 146,000, and the Civic shows no signs of stopping.

"I'm going to drive it to 250,000, hopefully," she says.

First car: A metallic blue 1966 Volkswagen Beetle, purchased in 1975 when it had 88,888 miles on the odometer. "I'm still friends with the chap who led me to it."

Dream car: Anything new, such as a new Super Beetle or a Honda. "I'm really hooked on my Honda."

—Lauren Bishop

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