Sunday, January 12, 1997
Strangers united in death
'They were just as good as people can be'

Christine and Scott Brownlee of Helena, Mont., leave their sons, Mark, 13, and Johnny, 11.
They were a minister and a carpenter, a teacher and a law student. They were a perfect couple, a group of business executives, and a soon-to-be college graduate who had just found the perfect job.

They came from Arizona, Missisippi, Colorado and Georgia, from big cities and small towns.

They were bound for the warmth of home, for a child's first visit with his grandmother, for a memorial service for a brother, for the bedside of a father facing open heart surgery.

And they came together in one final, defining moment on an icy, unforgiving winter day Thursday, as they queued up for Comair Flight 3272 at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Twenty-six passengers and three crew members made up the manifest of that flight. They were a microcosm of the people who have made the airport what it is: a connecting point for travelers from throughout the country.

When their flight made its final plunge into a snowblown field in Monroe County Michigan, their lives became forever connected.

The starkness of news reports put the death toll of Flight 3272 at 29. But to those who worked with them, lived with them, and loved them dearly, they were far more than just names on a manifest.

These are their stories...


Dann Carlsen

First Officer
Kenneth Reece

Flight Attendant
Darinda Ogden


Adams, Dexter

Barrow, Gregory

Bransford, Roger
Sandy Springs, Ga.

Brice, Arthur
Brookhaven, Miss.

Brownlee, Christine
Helena, Mont.

Brownlee, Scott
Helena, Mont.

Davis, Geoffrey

DeMarco, Maureen
Englewood, Colo.

Douchard, Greg
Wesson, Miss.

Felteau, Leo

Herman, Mark
Novi, Mich.

Jones, Betty Jean

Jones, Charles
McComb, Miss.

McClain, Steven
Waterford, Mich.

Muskovitz, Teri
West Bloomfield, Mich.

Passariello, Kim
Lake Havasu, Ariz.

Raymond, Roy
Twin Falls, Id.

Raymond, Vernamarie
Twin Falls, Id.

Rosiak, Jennifer
Fairbanks, Alaska

Rosiak, Nicholas
Fairbanks, Alaska

Sharangpani, Arati
Holland, Mich.

Stearn, Richard
Whitmore Lake, Mich.

Takenami, Keita
Lexington, Ky.

Thomas, A. Douglas

Wansedel, Charles
Mount Clemens, Mich.

Zagar, Darlene
Danville, Ky.