Democratic National Convention
Sunday, August 13, 2000

Area delegates to watch

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Ohio and Kentucky are states targeted by the Gore-Lieberman campaign this fall, and both states' delegations will have some key players to watch this week during the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.

        They include:

        • David Leland: The Ohio Democratic Party chairman will chair the 169-member Ohio delegation, because the state party has no statewide officeholders or U.S. senators. Mr. Leland, a former state representative from Columbus, has led the Ohio party through the Clinton years.

        He has had little success in getting statewide candidates elected, but Ohio went for Bill Clinton and Al Gore twice, and Mr. Leland is renowned as a political fund-raiser.

        • Gov. Paul Patton: The Democrats have only 19 of the nation's 50 governors, and Kentucky's Mr. Patton is one of the most high-profile. This week, he is co-chairman of the convention, along with Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle and House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt. Mr. Patton is expected to speak from the podium this week.

        • Michael Coleman: Elected Columbus' first African-American mayor last year, Mr. Coleman will be one of the highest-ranking elected officials in the Ohio delegation.

        Two years ago, Mr. Coleman — a graduate of the University of Cincinnati — was Lee Fisher's lieutenant governor running mate. Now, Mr. Coleman is seen as a likely candidate for statewide office himself in 2002 — possibly challenging Gov. Bob Taft.

        • Alicia Reece: The 28-year-old Cincinnati city councilwoman was elected last year in her first try for office. One reason for Ms. Reece's success in the 1999 council race was her appeal to young voters. On Tuesday, she is expected to give the Ohio delegation a primer on how to motivate 18-to-35-year-old voters.