Democratic National Convention

Results of our daily e-mail poll

        We received 9 responses to Thursday question:

        Has the Democratic National Convention made you more or less likely to vote for Al Gore?

        The results:

        • More: 67%

        • Less: 33%

        • No effect: 0%

        Carole Winters: It's the economy, stupid.

        Roscoe Helton: Gore, like Clinton, will say anything and do anything to get elected. Make bold promises that he knows he can not fill. This country needs a strong leader, a leader this country can look up to. I sure do not see this in Gore. I am taking a computer class with Senior Citizens and taking a coffee break at the table were 9 elderly ladies taking about Gore. They had some bitter words for Gore, all 9 of them. They took a poll and not one would vote for Gore. Is that the way the rest of the country feels?

        Donovan Mohlman: Though there are obvious negatives surrounding President Clinton, the American public still rates his job performance higher than that of Ronald Reagan at the same time in their presidencies. The American public is smart enough to realize that there is a definite difference in the character of the two men. The only possible problem for Gore could be W's television spots, which are sure to blur the lines between the two men's morality. He might be boring, but isn't that what the Republicans are saying the American public wants ... someone who won't repeat the same mistakes Clinton did.

        We received 11 responses to Wednesday's question:

        Will Joe Lieberman help or hurt Al Gore's chances of being elected?

        The results:

        • Help: 45%

        • Hurt: 45%

        • No effect: 9%

        We received 16 responses to Tuesday's question:

        How do you see President Clinton affecting Al Gore's campaign for the presidency? Will he help, hurt, have no effect?:

        The results:

        • Help: 50%

        • Hurt: 50%

        • No effect: 0%

        Here are some of your comments:

        Dick Schladen: The people who hate Clinton hate Gore and the people who love Cinton love Gore. Clinton should be able to reason with the rest of voters. Bush and Cheney have nothing to good offer. Bush is stupid and Cheney is a menace to civil society!

        Ron Tunning: I believe Clinton has a unique ability to distinguish and to communicate the ideas, policies and issues that separate the parties. So long as he utilizes the remainder of his term to focus on the issues it should be of benefit to Gore.

        Anonymous: Even though the state of the country improved under the Clinton Admin., people only remember and talk about the "bad side" of Clinton. With this in mind, I believe he can only harm Gore's chances for election.

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