Sunday, February 22, 2004

These schools send problem kids home

Fifteen public school districts* in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky suspended kindergarteners out of school for at least a day in the 2002-03 year. Only Cincinnati Public Schools expelled kindergarteners, doing it eight times.

In Ohio
District School County Out-of-school suspensions
Cincinnati Anderson Place Hamilton 8
Cincinnati Bond Hill Academy Hamilton 3
Cincinnati Burton Hamilton 2
Cincinnati Carson Montessori Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Central Fairmount Hamilton 13
Cincinnati Chase Hamilton 3
Cincinnati Cheviot Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Clifton Hamilton 6
Cincinnati College Hill Hamilton 13
Cincinnati Crest Hills Foreign Language Hamilton 19
Cincinnati Douglass Hamilton 3
Cincinnati Eastwood Paideia Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Gamble Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Hartwell Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Heberle Hamilton 7
Cincinnati Heinold Hamilton 9
Cincinnati Hoffman Hamilton 5
Cincinnati Hyde Park Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Kilgour Hamilton 4
Cincinnati Kirby Road Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Millvale Primary Hamilton 4
Cincinnati Mount Airy Hamilton 2
Cincinnati North Fairmount Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Pleasant Hill Hamilton 2
Cincinnati Pleasant Ridge Hamilton 2
Cincinnati Quebec Heights Math & Science Hamilton 4
Cincinnati Roberts Hamilton 2
Cincinnati Rockdale Paideia Academy Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Rothenberg Hamilton 2
Cincinnati Sands Montessori Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Sayler Park Hamilton 2
Cincinnati Schiel Primary School Arts Enrchment Hamilton 2
Cincinnati Schwab Hamilton 7
Cincinnati Silverton Paideia Hamilton 2
Cincinnati South Avondale Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Westwood Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Whittier Hamilton 1
Cincinnati Windsor Hamilton 2
Cincinnati Winton Montessori Hamilton 5
Cincinnati Winton Place Academy Hamilton 6
East End Comm. Heritage School East End Comm. Heritage Hamilton 2
Fairfield Kindergarten Center Butler 3
Lockland Lockland Hamilton 2
Middletown Roosevelt Butler 2
Mount Healthy Duvall Child Care Center Hamilton 2
Mount Healthy Frost Hamilton 1
Mount Healthy New Burlington Hamilton 5
North College Hill Becker Hamilton 1
North College Hill Goodman Hamilton 4
Northwest Local Bevis Hamilton 1
Northwest Local Pleasant Run Hamilton 4
Northwest Local Taylor Hamilton 1
Northwest Local Welch Hamilton 2
Princeton Heritage Hill Hamilton 2
Princeton Lincoln Heights Hamilton 2
Princeton Stewart Hamilton 1
Princeton Woodlawn Hamilton 10
Winton Woods Waycross Hamilton 1
In Kentucky
Beechwood Beechwood XXX 3
Boone County Chester Goodridge Boone 1
Campbell County Cline Campbell 1
Covington John G. Carlisle Kenton 1
Dayton Independent Lincoln Campbell 1
Kenton County Visalia Kenton 2
* Among all districts in Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont counties in Ohio; and Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties in Northern Kentucky. Charter schools are not included.
Source: Ohio and Kentucky education departments; Enquirer research

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