Friday, July 18, 1997
911 call a fake,
Culberson's mom says

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Vincent Doan
Vincent Doan

Carrie Culberson
Carrie Culberson

WILMINGTON, Ohio - The mother of Carrie Culberson said a woman who made a 911 call to Cincinnati police this week claiming to be her daughter was not.

"It doesn't sound like her at all," Debbie Culberson said Thursday. She made the comments outside a Clinton County courtroom where jury selection was continuing in the murder trial of Vincent Doan, Ms. Culberson's former boyfriend.

He is charged with kidnapping and killing the 22-year-old woman in August.

Neither Ms. Culberson, of Blanchester, nor her 1989 red Honda CRX have been seen since.

The 911 call came in Wednesday night, and by Thursday morning a tape of the conservation between caller and dispatcher had been turned over to Clinton County authorities.

County Prosecutor William Peelle declined to comment.

Mr. Doan's attorney, John Rion, has said he will ask those close to Ms. Culberson to listen to the tape and ask them whether it could be Ms. Culberson. Mr. Rion has said repeatedly his client is innocent, and Ms. Culberson has voluntarily left the area.

Callers from out of state as well as from Ohio have notified the Clinton County Sheriff's Office about sightings of people who look like Ms. Culberson and cars that resemble her vehicle, Mr. Rion has said.

Sheriff Ralph Fizer has refused to discuss the tips, citing a court-imposed gag order in the case.

Ms. Culberson was last seen fighting with Mr. Doan, 24, in front of his Blanchester home in the early morning hours of Aug. 29, according to documents filed by county prosecutor in the court clerk's office. A neighbor saw Mr. Doan punch and threaten Ms. Culberson, authorities said.

Hours later, a witness saw Mr. Doan "covered in blood," according to prosecutors.