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1. Ris Paper Co. Inc.
Chief executive: Mark W. Griffin
Business: Distribution of fine paper, industrial packaging products and communication products
Employees: 600
1997 revenues: $500 million
2. Belcan Corp. Inc.
Chief executive: Ralph G. Anderson
Business: Full-service engineering and construction services; technical, professional and IT staffing solutions
Employees: 4,000
1997 revenues: $400 million
3. Adam Wholesalers Inc.
Chief executive: George E. Thurner Jr.
Business: Wholesale building materials distributor
Employees: 1,100
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
4. Columbia Sussex Corp. and Affiliates
Fort Mitchell
Chief executive: William J. Yung
Type of business: Hotel developer and operator
Employees: 5,500
1997 revenues: $350 million
5. Drees Co.
Fort Mitchell
Chief executive: David A. Drees
Business: Home building; apartment and commercial construction Employees: 400
1997 revenues: $341 million
6. Kenwood Dealer Group Inc.
Chief executive: Robert C. Reichert
Business: Retail automobile sales and service
Employees: 508
1997 revenues: $322.3 million
7. Hickman, Williams & Co.
Chief executive: Robert L. Damschroder
Business: Sales and service to the metals industries
Employees: 172
1997 revenues: $308.9 million
8. Contech Construction Products Inc.
Chief executive: Don E. Henderson
Business: Manufacturer of drainage and allied products used in highway construction and real estate development
Employees: 1,000
1997 revenues: $306 million
9. Frank Messer & Sons Construction Co.
Chief executive: Peter S. Strange
Business: General contracting; construction management; design - build
Employees: 400
1997 revenues: $306 million
10. United Dairy Farmers Inc.
Chief executive: Alan B. Lindner
Business: Manufacturer and retailer of dairy and fluid products through company-owned convenience stores and third-party grocers Employees: 3,000
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
11. Jeff Wyler Automotive Family
Chief executive: Jeffrey L. Wyler
Business: New and used automotive sales and service
Employees: 450
1997 revenues: $288 million
12. Griffin Industries Inc.
Cold Springs
Chief executive: Dennis B. Griffin
Business: Recycler of food and animal byproducts to be used in the animal and pet food industries
Employees: 1,250
1997 revenues: $272.3 million
13. Performance Automotive Network
Chief executive: Michael L. Dever
Business: Automobile sales and service
Number of employees: 450
1997 revenues: $257 million
14. Totes Isotoner Corp.
Chief executive: Douglas T. Gernert
Business: Marketer and distributor of cold and wet weather accessories
Employees: 1,000
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
15. Rumpke Consolidated Cos. Inc.
Chief executives: William Rumpke Sr.
Thomas B. Rumpke
Business: Non-hazardous waste collection and disposal services Employees: 1,865
1997 revenues: $229 million
16. Standard Textile Co. Inc.
Chief executive: Gary Heiman
Business: Developer, manufacturer and distributor of multiple use health-care, surgical and incontinence apparel and patient care textile products
Employees: 1,000
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
17. DeCastro Auto Group
Chief executive: Patrick F. DeCastro
Business: Auto dealer
Employees: 391
1997 Revenues: $222.6 million
18. Corporex Family of Cos.
Chief executive: William P. Butler
Business: Commercial development; design - construction; hotel ownership and operations; sports country club ownership and operations
Employees: 723
1997 revenues: $206 million
19. Jake Sweeney Automotive Inc.
Chief executive: Jacob B. Sweeney Jr.
Business: Automotive sales, leasing and service
Employees: 420
1997 revenues: $203 million
20. Baker Concrete Construction Inc.
Chief executive: Daniel L. Baker
Business: Concrete construction -- forming, reinforcing, placing and finishing concrete slabs, foundations, structures, roads, curbs and walkways
Employees: 1,800
1997 revenues: $202 million
21. G & J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Inc.
Chief executive: Walter L. Gross Jr.
Business: Manufacture and sale of soft drinks
Employees: 1,350
1997 revenues: $200 million
22. CBS Personnel Services
Chief executive: Robert L. Brown
Business: Complete personnel staffing service; permanent, temporary and employee leasing
Employees: 700
1997 revenues: $189.6 million
23. Miami Systems Corp.
Chief executive: Samuel L. Peters
Business: Data management
Employees: 1,400
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
24. Beechmont Motors
Chief executive: William F. Woeste Jr.
Business: Sales and service of automobiles
Number of employees: 306
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
25. John R. Jurgensen Cos.
Chief executive: James P. Jurgensen
Business: Heavy - highway and asphalt paving contractor
Employees: 690
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
26. Akers Packaging Service Inc.
Chief executive: William C. Akers
Business: Manufacturer of corrugated shipping containers Employees: 751
1997 revenues: $137.2 million
27. Lykins Cos.
Chief executive: Donald F. Lykins
Business: Wholesale and retail sales of petroleum products; convenience stores
Employees: 383
1997 revenues: $135 million
28. Cincinnati Cordage and Paper Co.
Chief executive: John F. Church Jr.
Business: Distributor of printing and writing paper
Employees: 200
1997 revenues: $132 million
29. Towne Properties Cincinnati
Chief executives: Neil K. Bortz and Marvin Rosenberg
Business: Real estate development and management
Employees: 500
1997 revenues: $125 million
30. United States Playing Card Co.
Chief executive: Ronald C. Rule
Business: Manufacturer of premium playing cards
Employees: 850
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
31. Budco Group Inc.
Chief executives: George J. Budig and Otto M. Budig Jr.
Business: Intermodal terminal operations; exposition services contractor
Employees: 3,887
1997 revenues: $115.8 million
32. Mutual Manufacturing & Supply Co.
Chief executive: Andrew P. Barton Jr.
Business: Wholesale distributor of pipe, valves, fittings, industrial and plumbing supplies
Employees: 340
1997 revenues: $115.3 million
33. McCluskey Chevrolet
Chief executive: Keith P. McCluskey
Business: Sale, leasing and servicing of cars and trucks
Employees: 200
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
34. 32 Ford-Mercury Inc. Batavia
Chief executive: Clarence F. Warren
Business: Retail automotive sales, parts, service and collision repair
Employees: 135
1997 revenues: $109.6 million
35. Fischer Homes
Crestview Hills
Chief executive: Henry K. Fischer
Business: Residential construction
Employees: 195
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
36. ENERFAB Inc.
Chief executive: David F. Herche
Business: Steel plate fabrication and utility maintenance Employees: 1,100
1997 revenues: $102 million
37. Sabin Robbins Paper Co.
Chief executive: Thomas P. Price Jr.
Business: Wholesaler of fine printing paper
Employees: 215
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
38. Aurora Casket Co.
Chief executive: William E. Barrott III
Business: Manufacturer of burial caskets
Employees: 750
1997 revenues: $99.7 million
39. Habegger Corp.
Chief executive: Fred Habegger
Business: Wholesale distributor of Bryant and Carrier heating and air conditioning products
Employees: 195
1997 revenues: $98.5 million
40. J.W. Harris Co. Inc.
Chief executive: Joseph W. Harris
Business: Manufacturer and distributor of brazing, soldering and welding alloys
Employees: 450
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
41. Hubert Enterprises
Chief executive: Howard G. Thomas
Business: Wholesale distribution; business forms; public warehousing; equipment leasing
Employees: 430
1997 revenues: $97.6 million
42. Carlisle Construction Co. Inc.
Chief executive: Wayne Carlisle
Business: Rental, sales and service of cranes and heavy construction equipment; excavation contracting; river equipment rental
Employees: 400
1997 revenues: $91.8 million
43. STOROpack Inc.
Chief executive: John D. Mellott
Business: Converter and distributor of packaging materials Employees: 350
1997 revenues: $90.5 million
44. LaRosa's Inc.
Chief executive: Tillman D. Hughes
Business: Operator of pizzeria style family dining restaurants Employees: 375
1997 revenues: $85.5 million
45. R. A. Jones & Co. Inc.
Chief executive: Ralph J. Olson
Business: Designer and manufacturer of packaging equipment and systems for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal products and electronics markets
Employees: 510
1997 revenues: $83.2 million
46. Clarke Detroit Diesel- Allison Inc.
Chief executive: Mark Andreae
Business: Distributor for Detroit Diesel and Allison products; sale of fire pump engines
Employees: 255
1997 revenues: $83 million
47. Bell Furniture Industries Inc.
Chief executive: Philip M. Bell
Business: Manufacturer, importer and distributor of home furnishings to retail stores
Employees: 175
1997 revenues: $81.4 million
48. Steelox Systems Inc.
Chief executive: Martin D. Densmore
Business: Design, manufacture and marketing of metal building construction products and roofing systems
Employees: 460
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
49. Harper Co.
Chief executive: Michael A. Shayeson
Business: Heavy and highway construction
Employees: 475
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
50. Phillips Supply Co. & Affiliates
Chief executive: Charles A. Phillips
Business: Sanitary supply sales and contract cleaning
Employees: 4,061
1997 revenues: $76.4 million
51. ILSCO Corp.
Chief executive: David J. FitzGibbon
Business: Manufacturer of electrical connectors and screw machine products
Employees: 622
1997 revenues: $74.4 million
52. F. D. Lawrence Electric Co.
Chief executive: Dennis P. O'Leary
Business: Wholesale electrical materials distributor
Employees: 120
1997 revenues: $73.4 million
53. Western Building Products Inc.
Chief executive: Edwin A. Friesz
Business: Distributor of building products
Employees: 450
1997 revenues: $73 million
54. Bode-Finn Co.
Chief executive: Charles J. Raterman
Business: Distributor of material handling, aerial work platform and waste reduction equipment; provide service, parts and rental equipment for above
Employees: 350
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
55. Hamilton Fixture
Chief executive: John H. Schlegel
Business: Designer and manufacturer of store fixture and merchandising equipment for retail chain stores
Employees: 600
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
56. Hawkstone Associates Inc.
Chief executive: Ronald H. Wittekind
Business: Wholesale and retail gasoline distributor
Employees: 200
1997 revenues: $68.9 million
57. Xtek Inc.
Chief executive: James E. Schwab
Business: Engineered steel products for heavy industry
Employees: 392
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
58. Michel Tire Co.
Chief executive: Anthony John Michel Jr.
Business: Retailer - wholesaler of automotive tires and related services
Employees: 650
1997 revenues: $68.1 million
59. Portman Equipment Co.
Chief executive: Wym Portman
Business: Material handling and construction equipment
Employees: 380
1997 revenues: $66.4 million
60. Pease Industries Inc.
Chief executive: Leonard W. Cavens
Business: Residential door manufacturer
Employees: 350
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
61. Monarch Construction Co.
Chief executive: Ronald A. Koetters
Business: General contractor
Employees: 150
1997 revenues: $65.4 million
62. Kirk and Blum Manufacturing Co.
Chief executive: Richard J. Blum
Business: Industrial sheet metal contractor; industrial ventilation engineer; custom metal fabricator
Employees: 550
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
63. OKI Systems Ltd.
Chief executive: Gary D. Thompson
Business: Sales, service and rental of material handling equipment Employees: 325
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
64. Williams Ford Sales Inc.
Chief executive: Robert J. Williams
Business: Sales, service and leasing of Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover and Rolls Royce
Employees: 109
1997 revenues: $63.5 million
65. Bistro Group
Chief executive: James S. Cox
Business: Franchisee of TGI Friday's and Italianni's restaurants Employees: 1,900
1997 revenues: $63 million
66. Dugan & Meyers Construction Co.
Chief executive: Francis R. Dugan
Business: General contracting - construction management Employees: 250
1997 revenues: $63 million
67. West Chester Marketing Inc.
West Chester
Chief executive: Terry Schuh
Business: Manufacturer and distributor of industrial work gloves and safety products
Employees: 180
1997 revenues: $63 million
68. Champion Window Manufacturing & Supply Inc.
Chief executive: Alvine J. Levine
President and chief operating officer: Bernard Barbash
Business: Manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and installer of vinyl replacement windows, storm windows and doors, vinyl siding and patio rooms
Employees: 500
1997 revenues: $62.6 million
69. Thomson MacConnell Cadillac Inc.
Chief executive: Christopher J. MacConnell
Business: Automobile sales, service, leasing and financing Employees: 82
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
70. Nielsen Co.
Chief executive: S. Christian Nielsen III
Business: Commercial printing, mailing and fulfillment
Employees: 545
1997 revenues: $61.1 million
71. John Nolan Ford Inc.
Chief executive: Robert T. Nolan
Business: Ford automotive dealership
Employees: 107
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
72. F & W Publications Inc.
Chief executive: Richard H. Rosenthal
Business: Publisher of books and magazines; provider of electronic media and educational services
Employees: 275
1997 revenues: $60.7 million
73. Texo Corp - Amko Plastics Group
Chief executives: Robert W. Fisher and John Q.Baumann
Business: Specialty chemicals manufacturing; flexible packaging Employees: 400
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
74. Paper Manufacturers Co. LLC
Chief executive: Deirdre A. O'Neill
Business: Converter of consumable office products
Employees: 180
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
75. Restaurant Management Inc.
West Chester
Chief executive: A. Wayne Perrone
Business: Operator of Arby's restaurants
Employees: 1,850
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
76. Al Neyer Inc.
Chief executive: Dave Neyer
Business: Design - build construction services; real estate development
Employees: 130
1997 revenues: $55.7 million
77. Robbins Inc.
Chief executive: James H. Stoehr
Business: Manufacturer of sports flooring
Employees: 330
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
78. H. Dennert Distributing Corp.
Chief executive: Ronald J. Plattner
Business: Wholesale distributor of fine beer, ale and wine Employees: 100
1997 revenues: $53.8 million
79. Entek IRD International Corp.
Chief executive: Tony L. Shipley
Business: Provider of integrated software and hardware solutions for machinery condition monitoring and protection for all major industry segments
Employees: 403
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
80. AluChem Inc.
Chief executive: Ronald P. Zapletal
Business: Refined minerals and specialty inorganic chemicals Employees: 180
1997 revenues: $52.1 million
81. Rogers Ltd. Inc.
Chief executive: Jeffrey W. Lazarow
Business: Retailer of fine jewelry
Employees: 500
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
82. Southern Ohio Fabricators Inc.
Chief executive: Timothy J. Gates
Business: Plate and structural steel fabrication and erection Employees: 375
1997 revenues: $51.3 million
83. Cast-Fab Technologies Inc.
Chief executive: James E. Bushman
Business: Manufacturer of gray and ductile iron castings; sheet and plate metal fabrication
Employees: 420
1997 revenues: $50.1 million
84. Bob Townsend Ford Inc.
Chief executive: Robert E. Townsend
Business: Ford dealership
Employees: 90
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
85. KDI Precision Products Inc.
Chief executive: James C. Gitzinger
Business: Designer and manufacturer of electronic and mechanical fuzings for the Department of Defense and foreign customers; contract manufacturer of electronic based products
Employees: 350
1997 revenues: $48 million
86. Magnode Corp.
Chief executive: Arthur W. Bidwell
Business: Aluminum extrusion and fabrication
Employees: 335
1997 revenues: $47 million
87. Tiger Machinery Co. Inc.
Chief executive: Thomas J. Langefels
Business: Retail distributor of construction equipment, parts, service and rentals
Employees: 84
1997 revenues: $46.9 million
88. Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co.
Chief executive: Charles E.M. Rentschler
Business: Producer of iron castings
Employees: 650
1997 revenues: $46.8 million
89. Data Processing Sciences Corp.
Chief executive: Scott Q. Nesbitt
Business: Design, implementation and support of integrated enterprise-wide voice - data networks
Employees: 145
1997 revenues: $46.8 million
90. Gold Medal Products Co.
Chief executive: J.C. Evans Sr.
Business: Manufacture and distribution of concession equipment and supplies
Employees: 287
1997 revenues: $46.6 million
91. Sibcy Cline Inc.
Chief executive: Robert N. Sibcy
Business: Real estate broker
Employees: 173
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
92. Planes Inc.
Chief executive: John J. Planes
Business: Relocation services for household and commercial goods; transportation services for trade shows; hard copy records storage
Employees: 215
1997 revenues: $46.2 million
93. Superior Label Systems Inc. Mason
Chief executive: Kenneth Kidd
Business: Printer of pressure-sensitive labels and manufacturer of labeling equipment
Employees: 330
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
94. Humbert Markets Inc.
Chief executive: James J. Humbert Sr.
Business: Food distribution services
Employees: 85
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
95. Cincinnati United Contractors Inc.
Chief executive: Charles Kubicki
Business: General contractor; developer
Employees: 90
1997 revenues: $44 million
96. Connector Manufacturing Co.
Chief executive: William J. Boehm
Business: Manufacturer of copper and aluminum electrical connectors and related products
Employees: 300
1997 revenues: $43 million
97. Keco Industries Inc.
Chief executive: George W. Andrews
Business: Manufacturer of military ground support equipment Employees: 350
1997 revenues: Not disclosed
98. Loth + Mbi Inc.
Chief executive: J.B. Buse Jr.
Business: Distributes Steelcase office furniture products and provides service and solutions for workspaces
Employees: 116
1997 revenues: $41 million
99. Deerfield Construction Co. Inc.
Chief executive: Joseph F. Bitzer
Business: General and design - build contractor
Employees: 84
1997 revenues: $41 million
100. Remke Markets Inc.
Chief executive: Louis Mifsud
Business: Independent owner - operator of neighborhood full service grocery stores
Employees: 170
1997 revenues: Not disclosed

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