Doggie bags his specialty
Leftovers come with a treat for Fido, too

The Cincinnati Enquirer

FORT THOMAS — The whole doggie bag thing had chef John Frey thinking one day. In spite of the name, he thought, the take-home bundles really aren't going to dogs.

He set out to right the wrong.

With directions from the Internet, Mr. Frey baked his first set of homemade doggie treats. He's still tinkering with the recipe, but so far he thinks duck juice and duck fat work best.

There have been other adjustments, too, namely in shape. The gas oven blackened the edges of the versions shaped like pointy- eared dogs. The floppy-eared ones fare better, as do the ones shaped like bones.

Mr. Frey, a 38-year-old self-described dog lover, tested the treats on a friend's dog, Romano the Rottweiler. And also on his brother's cat, black Siamese Little Mr. Burt. Both pets approved.

He also admits to biting into one himself, just to see what it tasted like. The verdict: A little hard, not too flavorful.

That's when he decided maybe duck would be better than chicken.

Over the weekend, the biscuits started popping into doggie bags at his restaurant, Bauer's Bistro.

“Some people were like, "Well, I don't have a dog,'” Mr. Frey said. “But others were real excited.

“Or maybe they just think I'm weird.”

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