Flynt to release report on affairs of Washington officials
Tamer 'Hustler' might carry story

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Coming soon, perhaps, to a newsstand near you: “The Flynt Report,” an explicit detailing of sexual misconduct among high Washington officials. Any similarity to the Starr report is purely intentional.

Porn publisher Larry Flynt says he has information on peccadilloes of 10 representatives, one senator, and one “high-ranking government official.” All of which is likely to be revealed around Jan. 1, perhaps in a special issue of Hustlermagazine — but one that would not be X-rated, so as to gain wider distribution than an adult magazine.

Mr. Flynt's peering into the private lives of members of Congress has already triggered the resignation of Speaker-elect Bob Livingston. But Mr. Flynt says he hasn't finished making his point.

“We've got a couple big fish that I just really wouldn't be able to sleep well at night without letting the public know what hypocrites they are,” he said Monday in a telephone interview from his Los Angeles Hustlerstore.

Mr. Flynt, 56, says he is fighting hypocrisy that led to an investigation of President Clinton's sex life by members of Congress who are guilty of similar actions. So he has gathered an armful of grenades and plans to start throwing them.

“I believe a person's sex life should be private. I know that sounds like a paradox considering that I'm revealing the sex life of members of Congress. But Kenneth Starr and Henry Hyde got in the mud first, and we just decided to get in there with them,” he said.

In fact, Mr. Flynt has had company among the mainstream media. In the past few months, regional newspapers have reported adulterous affairs of, among others, Reps. Helen Chenoweth and Dan Burton.

“I personally don't think Livingston should have resigned. I don't think a person's sex life has anything to do with their ability to lead or be a successful legislator. But it's all the hypocrisy,” Mr. Flynt said. “If some one will raise the white flag, then we'll go away. But I think they should be men enough to stand up and end this impeachment crap with some dignity and get back to business they should be working on.”

Until Mr. Livingston's announcement Saturday, Mr. Flynt had planned to release his information simultaneously in his magazine and on the Internet. “Now we're having some meetings this week to reconsider how we're going to deal with the other investigations — whether we're going to just release them as they're concluded,” Mr. Flynt said.

In October, Mr. Flynt took out a full-page ad in The Washington Post,offering up to $1 million for “documentary evidence of illicit sexual relations” with a member of Congress. About 2,000 calls eventually yielded information on a dozen Washington officials.

House Republicans, however nervous they may be about Mr. Flynt's impending allegations, portray him as a liberal acting from partisan motives. Only one of the 12 he mentioned is a Democrat.

Mr. Flynt said Republicans just sleep around more.

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