Saturday, January 09, 1999

Raga becomes trustee president

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP — Second-year Trustee Tom Raga will be taking over the reins of the township this year.

        Trustees appointed the 34-year-old Madeira native president of the three-member board on Tuesday. Mr. Raga, a sales executive, defeated former trustee Bob Carter in an election two years ago.

        “It is customary to give each trustee an opportunity to serve as president during his term,” Mr. Raga said. “I think that is a reflection of how the board works together to set a vision for the township. I'm looking forward to this year and helping to maintain Deerfield Township's leadership role in Warren County.”

        Trustees hired Greg Porta, 37, as the township's new zoning inspector. Mr. Porta, a lifelong resident of Deerfield Township, was selected out of 16 candidates.

        “We felt that Mr. Porta would be a good candidate for the job because he has worked in a number of situations where he has dealt with contractors and the public,” said Larry Weis, the township zoning administrator.

        “With his engineering back ground, we believe he has the ability to come in and do the job.”

        Mr. Porta's primary responsibilities will be to monitor residential developments, enforce the township's zoning codes and work closely with the community and local businesses. He will begin his duties on Monday.

        A graduate of Moeller High School, Mr. Porta has an associate's degree in civil engineering from the University of Cincinnati and is working on his bachelor's degree. He has 17 years of experience in the civil engineering field and served for five years in the Navy, where he provided engineering services.


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