Saturday, January 09, 1999

West Clermont boosts academic time

Enquirer Contributor

        UNION TOWNSHIP — Students in Amelia and Glen Este middle schools will be spending more time on four academic subjects next fall.

        The West Clermont Local School District will increase the time in math, language arts, science and social studies. The move is the result of an 18-month study.

        “We feel really good about the things we're doing,” Amelia principal Steve Wittenberg said Friday. “We had a tremendous number of students sitting in study hall. We think we can use our time better.”

        Mr. Wittenberg said the periods in each of the four subjects will go from 45 minutes a day to 65. Glen Este principal Gary Schulte said the teachers like the new setup because it will mean less lecturing.

        “Now they've got 20-25 (more) minutes to engage the kids,” Mr. Schulte said. “Be fore, they were teaching six classes; now they'll teach four.”

        Superintendent Dennis Devine said Friday the move affects incoming seventh- and eighth-graders. He said a similar schedule has been used in sixth-grade classes for four years.

        A home economics class is being eliminated, and the amount of time students spend in study hall is decreasing from a whole school year to nine weeks.

        “We had to make room somewhere,” Mr. Devine said. “Home economics courses are offered at the Amelia and Glen Este high schools as well.”

        Mr. Wittenberg said the changes also allow students to spend more time on art, music, health and fitness, computer and keyboarding courses.

        Mr. Devine said an English, math and social studies teacher will be added at both schools. He said two home economics teachers are also certified to teach science and will switch to that subject next fall.

        Mr. Schulte said there would be about 660 seventh- and eighth-graders at Glen Este next fall, but Mr. Wittenberg did not know Amelia's projected enrollment.

        Mr. Wittenberg said the extra teachers at both schools would reduce the number of seventh- and eighth-graders each teacher sees daily from about 180 to 110.


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