Tuesday, March 30, 1999

P&G moving 900

Geneva to be base in Europe

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Procter & Gamble Co. has announced it will relocate about 900 employees in Europe to Geneva, Switzerland, which will become the base for the company's day-to-day operations on the continent.

        Under P&G's new global restructuring — Organization 2005 — the operational management of its core product categories is handled by seven “Global Business Units.” The units are headquartered in cities all over the world, including Cincinnati, but each has operations in Europe.

        “We've announced our plans to co-locate the European day-to-day management of our newly created GBUs in Geneva,” said Linda Ulrey, a P&G spokeswoman. “For example, the baby care GBU is located in Cincinnati, but any baby care GBU activity that was taking place in Europe is moving to Geneva.”

        Each Global Business Unit represents one of the following product categories: baby care, beauty care, fabric and home care, feminine protection, food and beverage, health care, and tissue and towel.

        The units operate autonomously with responsibility for developing, producing, marketing and distributing their product lines globally.

        Most of the 900 employees moving to Geneva will be relocated from Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom, Ms. Ulrey said.

        P&G already has about 250 employees in Geneva, which is home to the company's Middle East, Africa and general export operation, she said.

        Advertising Age magazine reported that P&G will spend about $50 million to build a new Geneva center that would be ready by fall 2000.

        But Ms. Ulrey said no decision has been made about whether to lease space or build in Geneva. “We're looking for a site that will hold all these people, but that decision hasn't been made yet.”


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