Tuesday, March 30, 1999

UConn NCAA championship photos

Download these for wallpaper - See how below

Richard Hamilton
Ricky Moore
Khalid El-Amin
Click on the small image to get a screen-size image, then follow the appropriate instructions:

Windows 98 and 95 users: After the small image loads, right click it to Set As Wallpaper.

Windows 3.x: Click the right mouse button, and choose "Save Image As." Save the file to the c:\Windows directory. Open your Control Panel, then the Desktop. Pull down the selection box under the Wallpaper section and choose the file you downloaded. Choose Tile or Center, and click OK.

Macintosh: Click and hold your mouse over the photo you want. A little menu will pop up. Choose "Save This Image As," and save it to your desktop.

Open the JPEG in an image-viewing program and choose select all. Then choose copy from the edit menu. Next go under the apple menu and select Control Panels, then Desktop Patterns. Go under the Edit menu and choose Paste. Hit the Set Desktop Pattern button.

These files may take a while to download on your computer.
Individual results vary with your connection speed.