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Saturday, July 17, 1999 -- Volume 4, No. 198
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        KENNEDY SPACE CENTER — Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, said Friday he believes there are “compelling reasons” for going back.
Astronauts bask in glories past
Special Apollo 11 Anniversary celebration from Associated Press
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Local Headlines for  Saturday, July 17, 1999

Krista Ramsey colun
Young people need to show a little respect
        Recently the Louisiana legislature passed a law requiring school children to address teachers and other school employees as Ma'am, Sir or other titles of respect. It had entertained, but later struck out, a clause that would have required them to stand when a teacher or administrator entered the room.

FBI stalks 'Average Joe'
        CRESTVIEW HILLS — The search for a Tristate bank robber known by authorities as “Average Joe” is about to go national.

Mason growth shows no sign of slowing
        MASON — If this city had a mascot, it would probably be the Energizer Bunny.

Zoo gorilla expecting
        Chalk up another one for Chaka.

Former reporter given probation
        Michael Gallagher told a judge Friday that he could give a “million reasons” why he stole voice-mail messages from Chiquita Brands International Inc.

Former Russian general has new mission
        ERLANGER — Once, he was known as “General War.” But retired Russian Gen. Vycheslav Borisov, who once commanded 100,000 troops during the former Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan, is coming to Northern Kentucky to lead a different campaign — asking Americans to help buy Bibles.

Hospitals, surgeon offer to help boy
        Two Cincinnati hospitals and a plastic surgeon in Philadelphia have offered to help a 17-year-old Tristate youth whose HMO refuses to pay for an operation to correct his abnormally large breast.

State tax cuts will be less for '99
        COLUMBUS — Most Ohioans will pay more in state income taxes next year than they did last year, even though Gov. Bob Taft and legislators cut tax rates.

Racist tag rejected in Anderson
        ANDERSON TOWNSHIP — A community being tagged racist over a high school sports mascot says the label doesn't fit, and it won't tolerate it.

Restrictions target illegal bingo
        HAMILTON — In an effort to stop instant pull-tab bingo operations from operating illegally in Hamilton, city officials have decided to restrict them to industrial zones.

Balloonist shares his perspective at 300 feet
        MONROE — As the hot air balloon rises gently skyward, the natural beauty of Butler and Warren counties reveals itself.

Drought keeps sprinklers in demand
        Suppliers of irrigation equipment are soaking up profits during Ohio's driest summer of the decade.

Ex-officer's appeal says sentence racist
        Former Police Officer Kevin Walker complained to an appeals court Friday that he has been treated more harshly than another former officer who was convicted of a similar crime.

Fire kills disabled woman
        When Patricia Moon found out earlier this year she had cancer of the esophagus, she told her family she didn't want to die in a hospital.

Futuristic Sky Loop transit would complement light rail
        COVINGTON — The cars look like tiny capsules from a Jetson's cartoon. But a group that supports a “personal rapid transit system” called Sky Loop says the technology is not light years away.

Report: Ky. access to Internet among lowest
        LEXINGTON — In Kentucky and across the nation, rural areas tend to have less computer and Internet access than their metropolitan counterparts, and the gap is widening, a new report says.

Residents aid river testing
        NEWPORT — As Licking River minnows darted between discarded bottles and rusted shopping carts Friday morning, two boys got a chemistry lesson on a Newport dock.

        A guide to help make your day

Pops concert unmasks 2 musical 'Phantoms'
        It was a perfect evening for a night at opera — and a night for phantoms — as the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra entertained an audience of 4,166 with the music from the Phantom of the Opera.

Bids for new courthouse steps too high
        HAMILTON — The low bid to replace the exterior steps at the Butler County Courthouse was $126,000 higher than expected.

Bush gains in Ohio GOP delegation
        WASHINGTON — The majority of Republicans in the Ohio congressional delegation came together Friday to endorse George W. Bush for president, but noticeably missing were the state's two GOP senators.

Child pornographer, 79, receives 10-year sentence
        Mount Lookout child pornographer William John Garvey was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison, a $500 fine and three years probation.

Court may pay for study of sewage plant
        BURLINGTON — Boone County Fiscal Court may pay for an environmental study to determine how a proposed sewage treatment plant could affect the water supply in western Boone County.

Edgewood clock could hail 2000
        EDGEWOOD — Some cities mark the end of a century by burying time capsules.

Gateways get spiffy thanks to $200 gifts
        Three suburban communities were among 10 in Hamilton County that were given small grants of $200 each to help make their communities more attractive.

Glendale called to aid family
        GLENDALE — Hoping to show a family that they are not alone in their time of need, organizers of a donation drive are asking Glendale residents to help some of their own.

Grants make transportation easier
        State grants awarded to Middletown and Butler County public transit services this week will help ensure transportation options for thousands of residents, and provide employers access to a larger labor pool.

Man's death linked to cocaine abuse
        MIDDLETOWN — A 41-year-old man who stopped breathing while handcuffed in a police cruiser Thursday night died several hours later at a hospital from side effects of cocaine abuse, the Butler County coroner ruled Friday.

More pools to be open in next heat emergency
        Next time the city of Cincinnati declares a heat emergency, city residents should have more pools open to keep them cool.

Retirement center looking certain
        MONTGOMERY — A $60 million to $70 million retirement community — the largest development in this northeastern Hamilton County city in at least 15 years — is expected to be approved by council next month, officials said Friday.

School plan redone, awaits board's OK
        NEW MIAMI — A revised plan to renovate and expand New Miami Junior-Senior High School will give the district additional space if the board of education approves the master plan and voters agree to pay $2 million.

        LOS ANGELES — Twice-convicted killer Glen Rogers, already on Florida's death row, was sentenced Friday to die for the rape and strangulation of a woman whose body was set on fire in her pickup truck.

Zoning goes to Supreme Court
        ANDERSON TOWNSHIP — Trustees have decided to continue to the Ohio Supreme Court in their fight to keep zoning control over the location of telecommunications towers.

S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E S
Speeding on the Internet
When Time Warner launches Road Runner next week, the Tristate will have four basic high-speed options. Check 'em out.

Don't let summer scratch and burn
        As fun heats up, take these precautions to stave off the season's perils.

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Manatees star in new Zoo exhibit
Douglas and Stoneman have no way of knowing it, but there's a lot riding on their broadly sloped shoulders. The two manatees are the unlikely stars of the new $4 million Manatee Springs exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.
The exhibit: Manatees, crocs and more

Tristate's Goin' Fishin'
        Oceanic Adventure's Newport Aquarium is open. Check out our guide to the Tristate's newest entertainment attraction.

Tornado of '99
        Complete coverage of the April 9 tornado that claimed four lives and left hundreds homeless.

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Special guide to things to do through August.

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Speeding on the Internet

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