Sunday, July 18, 1999

Lincoln Heights Health Center to get $1.7 M for new facility

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        LINCOLN HEIGHTS — Ohio Senate President Richard H. Finan, R-Evendale, will present a $1.7 million check Monday to the Lincoln Heights Health Center.

        The money will go toward construction of a new health center building along Mangham Drive. The plan was approved three years ago by the Village Council and was estimated to cost about $6 million.

        The check will be handed over during an 11 a.m. news conference at the proposed site, 9005 Mangham Drive.

        Started in a four-room Lin coln Heights apartment in 1967, the health center was designed to provide medical treatment to the uninsured and underinsured.

        Dentistry was in the basement and the kitchen served as a medical laboratory.

        Five years later the center moved to 1171 Adams St., a converted community building with single-pane windows and now-antiquated mechanical systems.

        Since 1974, the building has been renovated three times.

        Founded by Dolores Lindsay, the health center grew beyond its municipal bound aries and eventually began offering health care to those in need in areas of Mount Healthy and Hamilton, eventually evolving into the Lincoln Heights HealthCare Connection Inc., serving 18,000 patients annually. However, that number decreased drastically.

        In April, Mrs. Lindsay, the center's executive director, learned that an expected $1.2 million federal windfall was decreased by half, and along with other funding deficits the agency was forced to close two of its satellite offices in Hamilton a month later.

        With the $1.7 million check, fund-raising efforts for the new site will total $3.5 million, officials said.


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