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Sunday, July 18, 1999 -- Volume 4, No. 199
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        Thirty years ago Tuesday, a bug-shaped spacecraft transported two American astronauts to a lifeless, waterless sea known as Tranquility.
Neil Armstrong, The Reluctant Hero
Lebanon's code of silence shields Armstrong
Landing's legacy is still being created
Still to come: the moon, Mars and beyond
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Local Headlines for  Sunday, July 18, 1999

Laura Pulfer column
Can city keep good name if we lose Sabin?
        This is tough. A real dilemma. On the one hand, a lot of people are still mad at Delta Air Lines for giving them peanuts instead of a meal on their last (shamefully expensive) flight out of Cincinnati. So, it is tempting to make Delta the villain.

Bush campaign rolls into town
        FORT MITCHELL — The momentum that has put Texas Gov. George W. Bush into a huge lead for the Republican presidential nomination will roll into Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati this week.

Kennedy's energy, grace made impression here
        As the grim search for John F. Kennedy Jr. and his flight companions dragged on Saturday, local people who knew the family lamented the darkness that has claimed so many young Kennedy lives.

Patrick Crowley column
Maybe Ohio has Ky. envy
        Been to downtown Cincinnati lately? If you have, how do you get in and back out? Or why did you even want to go there in the first place?

Grandparents parents again
        Irish Graham's life has been put on hold. Instead of going to her job in the afternoon, Mrs. Graham picks up 4-year-old twins from the YMCA. Rather than traveling with her husband on vacations, she makes dinner for four and draws warm bath water.

Hope prevails among Fernald workers
        As word spread that workers at other nuclear weapons production sites likely will receive federal compensation for being exposed to a deadly material, former Fernald employees joined in a thought: me, too.

800 people to become citizens
        Some 800 immigrants, the largest gathering of its kind in Southwest Ohio, will swear allegiance to the United States during a mass naturalization hearing Aug. 25.

Karen Samples column
Dinner's 'chaos' is a family tradition
        BELLEVUE — Every Tuesday night, chaos comes over to Ruth Hill's house for dinner. She insists on it.

Little Miami asks, is winning everything?
        MORROW — There are no strip malls, chain restaurants or multiplex theaters here.

Rash of near-drownings keeps lifeguards alert
        A high number of drownings and near-drownings in recent weeks, including a close call last week at a city pool, has caught the full attention of Cincinnati's 300-plus lifeguards.

World Cup team whips girls into soccer frenzy
        Ask the Delhi Hotshots who Mia Hamm is, and the five little girls jump up and down like they've eaten a bag of sugar.

Bank goof sends man on spree - temporarily
        An Over-the-Rhine resident who found an unexpected $183,516.11 in his Fifth Third Bank account used some of the windfall to pay for his own funeral, a federal prosecutor says.

Peter Bronson column
Time out ... Ahhhhh ... Time in
        I've only been back two weeks from a brief vacation, and I am already itching to book a month in the Unabomber's cabin or Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

Quiet As Kept makes noise as Coors Festival opener
        For Cincinnati R&B trio Quiet As Kept, opening last year's Coors Light Festival at Cinergy Field was a once-in-a-lifetime gig.

CAC is contemporary 60
        Picture the opening of the new Contemporary Arts Center: a gala event, held in a gallery designed by a world-famous architect, a center unlike any in the nation.
Center's home will be downtown landmark


        A guide to help make your day.

Howard Wilkinson column
Kasich campaign was no failure
        Well, it was fun while it lasted. John Kasich's five-month run for the Republican presidential nomination ended last week when the Westerville Republican came to the realization that no amount of boyish charm and hyperkinetic campaigning could push the George W. Bush juggernaut off the track.

Deborah Kendrick column
Smallest words can change perceptions
        Buried in a list of bills pending in the Ohio legislature is one that will certainly not make front page news.

Michael Hawthorne column
Number crunching reduces dropouts
        State lawmakers like to talk tough about holding schools to more rigorous standards, but they can be a bit sensitive about making their constituents look bad.

Chuck Martin column
Sad ending for local chef school
        Step through the swinging doors of most any restaurant kitchen this week, and you may find the mood to be morose. The chefs and cooks of Greater Cincinnati are saddened by the closing of a respected institution of higher learning. A school that gave them and many colleagues a start in the business.

Ben Kaufman column
Traffic ticket leads to mess of a case
        Christopher DePiero thought his Dec. 4, 1994, parking ticket in Macedonia, Ohio, was a joke, his lawyer says, “so he pitches it in the back seat and forgets it.”

Jackie Demaline column
What will local theater scene be in five years?
        American Theatre, the national magazine of professional regional theaters, is prepping a little look at Cincinnati for its October issue. (About time!) Several local folks were interviewed, including me. I liked the last question I was asked so much, I'm putting it to you:

John Kiesewetter column
BET channels minority talent
        PASADENA, Calif. — While the major networks ignore minority stars this fall, Black Entertainment Television has stepped in to change the TV picture.

Jim Knippenberg column
Area folks prove worth watching
        Dang, we're going to have to make watching former Cincinnatian Sarah Jessica Parker and present Cincinnatians Chris Payne and Johnny Arnett a full-time job. They're everywhere ...

Kathy Lehr in new career at cable company
        The word fun comes up a lot when Kathy Lehr describes her life.

Demolition derby hit of fair
        INDEPENDENCE — While some county fairs are known for their horse shows or livestock auctions, the Kenton County fair has built its reputation around crashing cars.

Hamilton Co. judge to lend expertise to Mongolia's courts
        A Hamilton County judge will arrive in Mongolia this weekend to help that nation develop a plan for judicial reform.

Lincoln Heights Health Center to get $1.7 M for new facility
        LINCOLN HEIGHTS — Ohio Senate President Richard H. Finan, R-Evendale, will present a $1.7 million check Monday to the Lincoln Heights Health Center.

N.Ky. ponders census reporting
        EDGEWOOD — It's nearly time for Northern Kentuckians to participate in the 2000 census. And as the time approaches, mayors and city administrators are getting ready.

Norwood has plan for GM lot
        NORWOOD — A proposed urban renewal plan, involving a 15-acre parking lot for workers at the former Norwood General Motors Assembly plant which closed here in 1987, is under review by the city's planning commission.

Playground asks business for a push
        LIBERTY TOWNSHIP — Fort Liberty Playland volunteers are asking more businesses for financial support to help build the football-field-size playground this fall.

Storytellers to gather for Athens festival
        No need to travel to Jonesborough, Tenn. and the National Storytelling Festival this fall. The first Athens (Ohio) Storytelling Festival is sooner and closer. It debuts Saturday.

        When a man claiming to be a police officer stopped a shopper at Beechmont Mall and demanded $12,500 cash Friday, the shopper decided to call a real officer.

S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E S
Speeding on the Internet
When Time Warner launches Road Runner next week, the Tristate will have four basic high-speed options. Check 'em out.

Don't let summer scratch and burn
        As fun heats up, take these precautions to stave off the season's perils.

Summer festival guide
Here's a schedule of festivals in and around Cincinnati.

Summer concert guide
Here's a schedule of pop acts in and around Cincinnati.

Manatees star in new Zoo exhibit
Douglas and Stoneman have no way of knowing it, but there's a lot riding on their broadly sloped shoulders. The two manatees are the unlikely stars of the new $4 million Manatee Springs exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.
The exhibit: Manatees, crocs and more

Tristate's Goin' Fishin'
        Oceanic Adventure's Newport Aquarium is open. Check out our guide to the Tristate's newest entertainment attraction.

Tornado of '99
        Complete coverage of the April 9 tornado that claimed four lives and left hundreds homeless.

Spring/summer arts preview
Special guide to things to do through August.

Focal Point
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Speeding on the Internet

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