Sunday, August 01, 1999

Internal networks popular, too

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Millennium Marketing is not the only local company developing network-based training initiatives.

        Bridge Integrated Communications, a full-service interactive agency based in downtown Cincinnati, will provide MetLife with an intranet-based career development program to debut this fall.

        More than 7,000 MetLife representatives will have access to the internal intranet site. MetLife, based in New York City, is one of the world's largest financial services companies, with more than 42,000 associates who pro vide or administer insurance, savings, retirement and other financial services for individuals and groups.

        “The application is intranet, something that is for employees inside the company and not generally available through a URL on the Internet,” said Carol Setter, vice president of education and training at Bridge.

        “Companies see this as a way to get consistency. Just-in-time training. Have feedback and collect data as they go. What is stirring a lot of companies is that with global networks, they can do it all over.”


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