Sunday, August 01, 1999


        The top residential real estate transfers in Greater Cincinnati, compiled by Transamerica Intellitech Inc.:

        Buyer: Michael C Fletcher, trustee. Seller: Nancy S Abbott. Address: 4965 Taft Pl, Indian Hill, 45243. Price: $1,196,000.


        Buyer: Scott A & Patricia M Joseph. Seller: John McLauchlin. Address: 8105 Kugler Mill Road, Indian Hill, 45243. Price: $855,000.

        Buyer: Winifred G Fries, trustee. Seller: Joe Feldhaus, trustee. Address: 17 Forest Hill Dr, Hyde Park/Mount Lookout, 45208. Price: $700,000.

        Buyer: Laura G Peraino. Seller: Ford Homes Inc. Address: Heritage Club Dr, Mason, 45040. Price: $600,000.

        Buyer: Eugene & Nancy Daniels. Seller: James Huser. Address: 11269 Banklick Road, Walton area, 41094. Price: $550,000.

        Buyer: Michael G Reed, trustee. Seller: James Poston Jr, trustee. Address: 7450 Stonemeadow Lane, Montgomery, 45242. Price: $550,000.

        Buyer: Linda Slayback, trustee. Seller: Howard Cohn. Address: 10235 Stablehand Dr, Symmes Township, 45242. Price: $540,000.

        Buyer: Joseph Feldhaus, trustee. Seller: Larry Zinn. Address: 1201 Edgecliff Pl, Walnut Hills, 45206. Price: $537,500.

        Buyer: Charles J & Margaret G Kubicki Jr. Seller: Neil Murphy Homes Inc. Address: 11719 Grandstone Lane, Montgomery, 45249. Price: $528,784.

        Buyer: James K Richardson. Seller: Robert J Frooman. Address: 3632 Vineyard Ridge, Evendale, 45241. Price: $516,000.

        Buyer: Rodney R & Teri O Glover. Seller: Richard Moore Custom Homes Inc. Address: 935 Winged Foot Way, Pierce Township, 45245. Price: $482,500.

        Buyer: Robert J & Melissa B Freeberg. Seller: Daniels Homes Inc. Address: Glen Cove Dr, Deerfield Township, 45040. Price: $450,000.

        Buyer: Gale Industries Inc. Seller: Kiesland Properties Inc. Address: Kiesland Ct, Hamilton, 45015. Price: $435,000.

        Buyer: Christine L McHenry & Beverly Connelly. Seller: Rookwood Dev Corp. Address: 3781 Brightonmanor Lane, Hyde Park/Mount Lookout, 45208. Price: $429,000.

        Buyer: Gary A & Valerie J Hockley. Seller: Camden Homes Inc. Address: Colt Lane, Mason, 45040. Price: $427,000.

        Buyer: John & Michelle Klely. Seller: Charles Cain. Address: 9296 Steeplechase Dr, Symmes Township, 45242. Price: $420,000.

        Buyer: David J & Patricia Conley. Seller: Stephen Haag. Address: 7761 Overlook Hills Lane, Anderson Township, 45244. Price: $419,000.

        Buyer: Greg G Hillebrand & Debra Spector. Seller: Sandra Robin. Address: 346 Shoshone Ct, Wyoming, 45215. Price: $405,000.

        Buyer: William J & Heather K Steins. Seller: Matthew V Procaccini. Address: 1635 Fairway Crest, Miami Township, Clermont County, 45140. Price: $393,600.

        Buyer: Keith A & Deborah K Stewart. Seller: M/I Schottenstein Homes Inc. Address: 1756 Cottontail Dr, Miami Township, Clermont County, 45150. Price: $392,380.

        Buyer: Robert M Fixler & Joan F Schoelwer. Seller: Elissa O Getto. Address: 3416 Principio Ave, Hyde Park/Mount Lookout, 45208. Price: $379,000.

        Buyer: Jay Bayer, trustee. Seller: J/II Homes Inc. Address: 5285 Bibury Road, Fairfield, 45014. Price: $376,500.


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