Sunday, August 01, 1999

How they're remaking the riverfront

        Transforming Cincinnati's central riverfront is a matter of coordinating dozens of projects so each is done in a sequence that makes sense. They include:

        • Paul Brown Stadium — The Bengals' $404 million stadium complex is nearly 40 percent complete and on schedule to be finished in August 2000.

        • Fort Washington Way — The nearly $280 million highway project includes construction of a riverfront transit center and a sewer system that will reduce the number of times sewage flows into the river. The main highway project is between 45 percent and 50 percent complete and on schedule to be finished in August 2000.

        • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center — The center's board approved an architectural concept for the $45 million riverfront museum. Architects will now work on design specifics while efforts to raise $80 million to $90 million continue. Scheduled to open in 2003.

        • Reds new ballpark — Architects are designing the new ballpark and determining exactly how much it will cost. (Early estimates are $297 million.) Hamilton County officials expect construction to begin in August 2000 and be finished by March 2003.

        • Cinergy Field demolition — Hamilton County estimates that demolition of part of the stadium bowl and garage will begin in August 2000. The rest will be torn down in late 2002.

        • Riverfront garages — Garages between the new Reds ballpark and new Bengals stadium will serve as the platform for the Freedom Center, shops and restaurants built between the sports facilities. Final configuration and cost have not been approved. (Estimated cost is roughly $100 million.) The parking will be built in stages, with work starting in September 2000. Some garages will be finished in 2001, others in 2002.

        • Riverfront park — The $65 million central riverfront park will stretch between the sports facilities and north to the garages. Construction estimated to start in 2004, with portions finished in 2005 and the rest in 2006.

        • Riverfront development — By September, the Cincinnati Riverfront Advisory Commission will recommend what mix of shops, restaurants, housing and other development should be built atop the riverfront garages. That development would be built in phases. Tentative schedules show development generally west of the Suspension Bridge could start in 2002 and be finished in late 2003. Development generally east of the Suspension Bridge could start in late 2004 and be finished in 2006.

        Source: Enquirer research


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