Sunday, August 01, 1999

The victims: 12 who died from heat

        • Edna Miller, 104, Newtown - Ms. Miller was found dead at 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning by a Newtown police officer on patrol who saw that the lights in her home were on. Though she had fans in her house, she did not have an air conditioner. Her body temperature was 109 degrees.

        • Horace Langton, 54, Price Hill - Mr. Langton was found dead Saturday morning by his aunt, Dorothy Kniemiller, in the doorway of his room in their Price Hill home. He lived near an earlier victim, Eugene Gallagher. Mr. Langton had been complaining of a stomach ache and thirst several days before his death. But he refused neighbors' pleas to see a doctor. He would not use a fan and had no air conditioner. His body temperature was 108 degrees.

        • Pamela Wilburn Current, 34, Oakley - Ms. Current died in a room surrounded by trinkets that made her happy, such as snow globes and Beanie Babies. She suffered from schizophrenia and stayed in a group home on Brownway Avenue in Oakley. Her parents, in nearby Norwood, picked her up for weekly visits. Her father wanted to install an air conditioner in her second-floor bedroom, but the landlord declined his offer. Ms. Current died July 24 of hyperthermia. Hamilton County coroner's office investigators say her room was 92.1 degrees.

        • Eugene Gallagher, 85, Price Hill - A retired widower, Mr. Gallagher was found dead on the kitchen floor of his Price Hill home last Sunday morning. He had no air conditioning, even though, neighbors said, he could have afforded it. Neighbors did some of his yardwork, but he still trimmed his own hedges. He visited his wife's grave weekly. But he kept his windows nailed shut.

        • Johnny Goss, 48, Over-the-Rhine - Mr. Goss, 48, died Monday in a crowded second-floor apartment. He shared the space and its four fans with his mother, sister and nephew. He suffered from mental problems and got by on disability checks. His brother, James Goss, 39, who lives across the street, said the family could not afford air conditioning.

        • Carrie McDade, 98, Bond Hill - A twin sister used to share Ms. McDade's second-story apartment. But at 98, Ms. McDade, a retired teacher, lived alone. Neighbors said she never opened her windows out of fear that someone would break in.

        • Rheba Mohlman, 91, Mariemont - Many people checked on Mrs. Mohlman regularly. Families from the Church of Christ in Fairfax picked her up at least twice a week. But when friends came to take her to church last Sunday, they found her dead inside her hot, two-story Tudor. Neighbors say she was strong-willed and declined offers to escape the heat by staying with them.

        • Caroline Stevens, 88, Green Township - Neighbors knew little about Ms. Stevens, who was found in her Green Township home late Monday. According to the Hamilton County coroner's office, she was believed to have died July 23, and was found three days later.

        • Francis Sciarra, 70, Price Hill - Known as “Frank,” Mr. Sciarra, a retired cab driver, lived with an elderly man in a second-floor apartment. Mr. Sciarra suffered from diabetes. Neighbors said they saw him take a taxi to the doctor sometimes, but he rarely went outside. He had no air conditioner.

        • Anna Stacey, 75, Westwood - Ms. Stacey had two air conditioners in her Westwood home but didn't turn them on. She kept a low profile. Neighbors knew she lived with her parents until they died and that she had never married or had children. She kept her house clean and her blinds shut.

        • Charlie Willett, 64, Norwood - Mr. Willett let the sun shine in his second-story Norwood apartment. Neighbors said he had no shades. A lifelong bachelor, he was retired. Police found him inside the stucco building in a room with 6-inch fan.

        • Arthur Williams, 69, Westwood - Mr. Williams lived in a steamy apartment on the second floor of 2308 Westwood-Northern Blvd. group home. Fans circulated warm air through the tidy apartment. His sister said he liked to sit outside. When he was discovered, his body temperature was 110.3 degrees.

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