Wednesday, August 11, 1999

ATP's food court offers good serves

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        There's more than one kind of court action going on at the ATP tournament in Mason this week.

        There's the tennis court, of course, and then there's the food court. This collection of booths from Greater Cincinnati restaurants offers choices far beyond the usual sporting event menu of metts and beer.

        Yes, you'll find pizza, chili and hot dogs. But there's also salads, wraps, sushi and banana cream pie. Restaurants include Burrito Joe's, the CourseView, Honey Baked Ham, Pacific Moon Cafe, Trio, Subway and LaRosa's

        At the Wimbledon tennis tournament in England, the traditional court-side treat is strawberries and cream. No one is serving that, but I did come across strawberries in the most unusual place: inside the California roll from Pacific Moon Cafe ($7.95).

        It's perfect hot-weather food, light but filling. Half are rolled inside-out, with rice dipped in sesame seeds on the outside, half with the dried nori on the outside. Inside is avocado, cucumber and sliced strawberries. The rolls are given the full treatment with a little dab of wasabi, pickled seaweed, soy sauce and pickled ginger.

        Pacific Moon also offers egg rolls, Malaysian curry on rice and kung pao chicken on pasta.

        Strawberries also turned up in the fruit and spinach salad ($4.95) from CourseView Restaurant, the restaurant at the Jack Nicklaus golf course, next to the ATP site. Blueberries and mandarin oranges are the other fruit, mixed with tender spinach leaves and a creamy, slightly sweet dressing.

        CourseView also offers a chicken-broccoli wrap, and the closest thing to a dinner entree on the court: barbecued salmon served on greens.

        There couldn't be a better choice for a sultry night than Trio's gazpacho ($3.50). This cold tomato soup is served thick with pureed vegetables and is a little spicy.

        There's some less expensive food, too, like $2 La Rosa pizza slices, Subway sandwiches and chicken or beef burritos for $2.50.

        Dessert choices include two UDF stands, with ice cream and frozen yogurt. For a buck, there are big cookies from Blue Chip Cookies. Or, if you like white chocolate, try Trio's banana cream pie ($4.95).

        Even the drinks are upscale at the ATP. You can get cocktails at the bar, or Evian or Snapple. I had fresh-freshly squeezed lemonade ($2.50). Midwest Espresso has latte and espresso for the coffee fanciers.


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