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Sunday, August 15, 1999 -- Volume 4, No. 228
Today's Local News
        Remorseful about his involvement in a fatal hit-and-run accident and weary of being on the run, 20-year-old Ricardo Meadows surrendered to police.
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Local Headlines for  Sunday, August 15, 1999

Laura Pulfer column
Banks hold the gun in this stickup
        We used to like our banks. They used to like us. They kept our money in a safe place and gave it back to us when we needed it. Sometimes they gave us toasters and umbrellas, just for the sheer joy of having us as customers. We publicly displayed calendars with our bank's name plastered all over it.

What do we do with surplus?
        While congressional Republicans and Democrats duel over how best to divide the spoils of a healthy economy, Tristate taxpayers worry that the wrong choices will make a mess of it.
What readers said

GOP taps Portman to open tax debate
        U.S Rep. Rob Portman, R-Terrace Park, became the point man for the $792 billion Republican tax-cut plan Saturday when he delivered the GOP's weekly radio address.

Family's history rises from slavery
        FINCASTLE, Ohio — Peggy Mills Warner knows every inch of the Gist Settlement. Every mailbox. Every cranny.

Family ledger a precious record
'And the slaves were set free'

Women burned in acid attacks to get care here
        Two young women from Bangladesh whose faces were heavily scarred by sulfuric acid attacks plan to travel to Cincinnati in early September to be treated at Shriners Burns Institute.

Activists protest festival game of rodent roulette
        Catholic church festivals, with their traditional fare of bozo buckets and free-throw contests, normally don't spark much controversy. But for the last few weeks, animal-rights activists have picketed the neighborhood parties, trying to stop churches from featuring one man's unusual game of rodent roulette.

What if Buffett does waste away?
        What if he really means it this time? Every year Jimmy Buffett is one of the summer's most dependable, hottest tickets. Every year he says the same thing: “Next year” he's going to cut back on touring, get off the road.

Margaret A. McGurk column
'Blair Witch' offers filmmakers hope
        The Blair Witch Project has done more than pump multimillions into the coffers of Artisan Entertainment. It has lifted the spirits and revived the hopes of countless unknown filmmakers.

Peter Bronson column
Where were you in '72?
        Swarms of hovering pundit flies are buzzing around George W. Bush Jr., hoping to draw blood by asking if he ever snorted cocaine back in the Polyester Age, when he was an undomesticated party animal.

Alleged fake ID maker arrested
        For the first time in memory, federal agents have shut down a Tristate plant producing bogus documents required by illegal immigrants to get work.

Dimmer school means brighter future for Abby
        MIDDLETOWN — The sound of the school bell Aug. 26 will have special meaning for Abby Perkins-Banks, the 5-year-old girl with a rare skin disease, xeroderma pigmentosum (XP).

S-curve work alters traffic
        FORT MITCHELL — Although the $21 million refiguration of the S-curve on Interstate 71/75 in Northern Kentucky is proceeding as planned, motorists will soon face another traffic diversion.

Howard Wilkinson column
Springer race wasn't meant to be
        Jerry, we hardly knew ye.

Paul Daugherty column
A postcard from that place where I find peace
        SOMEWHERE NEAR ASHEVILLE, N.C. — You didn't think I was going to tell you exactly where I was, did you? That would be impossible. I'd have to kill you. Then Herb, my host, would have to kill me. He'd feel bad about it. But I'd still be dead.

Jim Knippenberg column
Rocco to flex those molars
        Going to prove once again, pulling busses and boats and stuff with your teeth pays off. Witness Rocco Castellano of Rocco's Personal Training.

Deborah Kendrick column
Readers get their turn to be heard
        Here are some comments on a variety of topics sent by readers.

Chickens take roost in sculpture
        Butch, Fifi and Shaniqua are having romaine lettuce for lunch, and that's appropriate if you live in a high-rise with porcelain chandeliers and Delft tile floors . . . even if you're a chicken.

CSO launches ad campaign
        The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra wants you to be moved to buy a concert ticket this season.

Ensemble interns gear up for year
        The Ensemble Theater lobby was erupting in nervous giggles early Monday evening. As the 1999-2000 intern company gathered for the first time, it was a lot like the first day of school, everybody looking for common ground and memorizing names.

        A guide to help make your day.

Ben Kaufman column
'I did it' won't always merit lesser sentence
        Federal sentencing guidelines allow judges to reduce sentences for defendants who accept responsibility for their crimes.

Michael Hawthorne column
Introducing! The governor! (Yawn)
        Senior citizens apparently had better things to do last week when Gov. Bob Taft showed up at the Ohio State Fair to sign legislation intended to crack down on elder abuse.

Patrick Crowley column
Like it or not, Boone County needs a sewage plant
        Finding a place to build a new Northern Kentucky sewer plant stinks. Just ask Jeff Eger and Rick Kennedy.

At age 101, she's ahead of the trend
        FLORENCE — The first president she has a recollection of is Roosevelt — Theodore Roosevelt. And when she talks about the World War, she means the first one.

Billfold lost, but honesty wasn't
        NEW ALBANY, Ind. — Charlotte Waldridge was sure she would never see her wallet or the $564 in it again.

Creeks get a well-needed cleaning
        Three of Northern Kentucky's dirtiest creeks got a good once-over from volunteers on Saturday.

Dogs keeping birds off runway
        Buddy scampers across the grass but never the runway. The specially trained border collie and his understudy, Chase, are recent additions to the Lunken Airport ground crew.

Exodus to Israel
        Moving anywhere after 34 years in the same house is traumatic enough. But moving permanently to another country, where apartments are substantially smaller than American dwellings, presents its own particular predicaments.

Hamilton considers razing downtown building
        HAMILTON - Over the last 68 years, the building near Hamilton's City Hall has been a bus terminal, a dry cleaner and has housed offices. Now preservationists hope the building itself doesn't become history.

Horse breeders fondly remember 'daddy' of Rocky Mountain line
        SALEM TOWNSHIP — His name was Chocolate Sundown. The gentle, brown Rocky Mountain horse was the Big Daddy of his breed.

Norwood gets Even Start grant
        NORWOOD — A federal grant received by Norwood City Schools will help parents better prepare young children to learn.

One Deters campaigns for another
        FORT MITCHELL — Republican Eric Deters will kick off fund-raising for his 2002 Kenton County attorney's race with an event featuring a popular Ohio politician who shares the same name.

Owner fights blight label
        SPRINGDALE — A Florida man is asking a Hamilton County judge to determine whether his Springdale property can be officially classified as “blighted” by city leaders.

Retired executives share skills
        The way Page Williams sees it, there's only so much golf a retiree can play.

        A Covington man was jailed on drunken driving and other charges Saturday after an early morning police chase that sent three officers to the hospital with minor injuries.

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Speeding on the Internet
When Time Warner launches Road Runner next week, the Tristate will have four basic high-speed options. Check 'em out.

Don't let summer scratch and burn
        As fun heats up, take these precautions to stave off the season's perils.

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Summer concert guide
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Manatees star in new Zoo exhibit
Douglas and Stoneman have no way of knowing it, but there's a lot riding on their broadly sloped shoulders. The two manatees are the unlikely stars of the new $4 million Manatee Springs exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.
The exhibit: Manatees, crocs and more

Tristate's Goin' Fishin'
        Oceanic Adventure's Newport Aquarium is open. Check out our guide to the Tristate's newest entertainment attraction.

Tornado of '99
        Complete coverage of the April 9 tornado that claimed four lives and left hundreds homeless.

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Special guide to things to do through August.

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