Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Best Halloween treats aren't tricky

Gum or candy is just dandy

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        No matter what you buy for Halloween treats, you're almost sure to please the palates of most trick-or-treaters.

  Bubble gum/gum.
  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  Tootsie Rolls.
  Blow Pops.
  Popcorn balls.
  Open pieces of candy.
  Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  Hard-boiled eggs.
  Rotten caramel apple.
  Rotten grape.
        The Enquirer asked four classes of fifth-graders to tell us the best and worst treats they've gotten in their Halloween bags. Their lists of “best” stuff was long, and the “worst” stuff was short. Some items made both lists, so it just shows you can't please 'em all.

        Students at Cline Elementary in Cold Spring, Pierce Elementary in Hamilton, St. Michael Catholic School in Bellevue and the School for Creative and Performing Arts, Over-the-Rhine helped with this informal survey of Tristate tastes.

        The item they mentioned most often on the good list was bubblegum/ gum.

        Witan Coffey, 10, a student at the School for Creative and Performing Arts, got the best and worst stuff. “The best thing I've ever gotten in my bag was a $20 bill,” Witan says. “I was so surprised I spent all of it in one day ... The worst thing I've ever gotten was a tissue with boogers in it. I was so disgusted. I washed my hand for twenty minutes.”

        Pennies topped the worst list. Among the most unusual items mentioned on the worst list was hard-boiled eggs — left over from Easter, perhaps?

        Maria Pabst, 10, of St. Michael School doesn't care for the coupons she gets in her bag. “You can't eat them,” she says.

halloween logo
Interactive candy
        If you have special trick-or-treaters in your house, you might want to surprise them with the latest in candy — interactive candy.

        This candy costs more and takes a little more work to get at. Here are some samples:

        • Jar Jar Binks Monster Mouth candy turns the Star Wars Episode I character's trademark tongue into a cherry-flavored lollipop. Eat the tongue all at once or close his mouth and save the rest for later ($4.99).

        • Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber Pop lights up at the push of a button. The top comes off, revealing an edible pop ($5.99).

        • Batman & Robin Spin Pop includes real cloth capes ($4.99).

        • Box of Bones, a glow in the dark plastic skeleton you can put together and eat ($1.50).

        • The Amazing Shrinking Head Mutant Pops, a sucker that shrinks as you eat it (85 cents).

        • Scooby Doo Flix Pocket Pop Lollipop ($1.99).

        • Baby Bottle Pop, something that won't scare the beejeebers out of little ones. Take the top off and dip it into the powdered candy ($1.75).


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