Sunday, October 24, 1999

Cold front brings hint of winter

Normal temps back Monday

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        A preview of blustery winter weather blew its way into the Tristate this weekend.

        “It was one of the first cold shots of the season,” said Kerry Schwindenhammer, meteorologist for AccuWeather.

        Friday evening and Saturday winds gusted up to near 30 mph but are expected to calm today as temperatures moderate slightly upward today for a high temperature in the upper 40s.

        Saturday's low temperature was 39 degrees with a high of 48 degrees.

        Still, said Mr. Schwindenhammer, temperatures this weekend were markedly lower than the normal range of 63 to 41 degrees.

        “Temperatures are almost 15 degrees colder than normal for this time of year,” Mr. Schwindenhammer said.

        Today will be partly sunny and warmer than Saturday. Low temperatures will be around 32 degrees early in the morning but the winds from the weekend cold front will likely spare the Tristate from an early morning frost. Frost appears more frequently in less windy conditions.

        Temperatures will climb back into normal range Monday and Tuesday, with highs in the low 60s and lows around 40 degrees. There is is little chance of rain forecast for the area until late Tuesday or Wednesday when a slight probability of precipitation arises, he said.

        The weekend's chilly preview came courtesy of a cold trough of air that dipped down from the north and swept through the Tristate starting on Friday.

        “High pressure will have more influence now ... and the result will be more warmer air coming up from the south,” Mr. Schwindenhammer said of the early week warm-up.


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