Sunday, November 28, 1999

Findlay Market milestones

        Findlay Market is named for General James Findlay, a veteran of the War of 1812 and a mayor of Cincinnati. He had planned to start a farmers' market on Elder Street but died before it became a reality. His estate donated the land to the city for a market.

        • 1852. Construction begins on Findlay Market, one of the country's first iron market buildings.

        • 1855. Market is fully opened.

        • 1902. City engineers enclose Findlay Market and add refrigeration.

        • 1915. Market is remodeled and updated further.

        • 1921. First Findlay Market Parade on Opening Day of baseball season.

        • 1973-74. Market is closed and renovated at a cost of $900,000 as apartment buildings around the area are rehabilitated.


        • 1993. Consultants and city officials start meeting with neighborhood residents, developers and merchants to decide how to reinvigorate the market and its surroundings.

        • 1995. Findlay Market renovation plan unveiled. Plan includes creating a new playfield and turning the old one into a parking lot.

        • 1997. Construction on Findlay Market renovation begins.

        Source: The Bicentennial Guide to Greater Cincinnati, Enquirer archives


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