Friday, March 17, 2000

Millionaires post billboard bride want-ad

The Associated Press

        COLUMBUS — Three businessmen who say they're millionaires are looking for wives via billboard ads.

        The pitch: “3 Millionaires Looking For Wives Ages 25-55” Below that is a Web site address:

        The Web page, complete with blue dollar signs, expands a bit. It identifies the men as “Sean, Stan and Tom, 3 millionaires who are very successful in business, but have not had time to pursue a meaningful relationship.”

        The site includes an electronic form asking prospective brides for their names, addresses, e-mail addresses, occupations and educational backgrounds.

        Little is known about the trio.

        Rick David, sales manager at Donrey Outdoor Advertising, said they want to remain anonymous.

        The two billboards went up in the past week and will stay up for about a month, Mr. David said.

        Bobbie Long sees one billboard through her window at True2Form Collision Repair Centers. She's single but doesn't want to be a millionaire that badly.

        “It's no place to find a permanent mate,” she said.


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