Monday, May 29, 2000

Survey: New workers hard to find

Gannett News Service

        The need to recruit more workers will continue to challenge employers, according to the Employment Outlook Survey conducted quarterly by Manpower Inc.

        The poll of hiring intentions of nearly 16,000 business firms indicates companies in record numbers will be seeking additional staff in the upcoming third quarter.

        Responses indicated that 35 percent anticipate further recruiting, 5 percent will reduce staff, 55 percent expect no change, and 5 percent are uncertain.

        “The survey results combined with the drop in the unemployment rate indicate that the traditional labor supply is essentially exhausted,” Manpower president and CEO Jeffrey Joerres said.

        He added that firms will receive some relief from the removal of Social Security earning limits and the entry of students and teachers into the summer work force. But longer-term solutions “will involve the upskilling of people through training and unique retention efforts.”


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