Saturday, June 10, 2000

Dr. Laura's comments on ...

        • Death penalty: In the five books of Moses, it is the only commandment God says five times, one time in each book. If you spill the blood of man by man, your blood will be spilled. I back God, God backs the death penalty. And there I am. It's very simple.

        • Importance of family: Well, gosh, the first thing God created humanly was the family. He talks about the generations always and the fifth commandment is about honoring your parents. Obviously family is a very important conduit to spirituality and following God's law. That is the intermediary between the child and God. Hardly anything is more important than that.

        • Same-sex marriages: God said a man and a woman.

        • Freedom of speech: In this country, a lot of people spilled blood to maintain the constitution of this incredible land, and I'd hate to see it frittered away by the intolerance and intimidation of special interests groups.

        • Political correctness: It isn't about compassion. It's about intimidation. It's about silencing alternative points of view. It's about eliminating debate.

        • Abortion: I'm an Orthodox Jew. Abortion is only acceptable in my religion basically to save the life of the mother.

        • Divorce: I have my three A's, and that is abuse, addictions and affairs breach the covenant. Most divorces don't really need to happen, but under those three conditions, it's real sad but they sort of drive the nail in. Probably what we have today are temporary commitments. (Many divorces) are unnecessary and destroy the lives of children.

        • Homosexuality: I have never called homosexuals deviants. I have called homosexuality deviant behavior because it deviates from heterosexuality. That's just a fact. That's not an opinion. It's certainly not a perjorative opinion, because it's not an opinion at all. It's simply a biological fact.

        • On her recent controversy: There's a lot of people out there who are being hurt by being lied to that I called them a deviant or what have you. It's so odd. One of the things that angers me about what the gay activists have done is in their lies and misinformation and disinformation, they have hurt a lot of their own people by saying somebody who is "my kid's mom' and such a significant person in the culture of the United States of America has called them a deviant, sort of a sublife person. And since none of that is true, it hurts me that people have been hurt by lies ascribed to me. You have no idea how frustrating that is. I am not anti-anybody. I don't hate anybody, except people who hurt kids.

        — Richelle Thompson


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