Thursday, June 15, 2000



        The most expensive commercial construction projects or renovations, based on dollar values ($200,000 and up) of building permits issued recently in Cincinnati and Hamilton County:

        • Applicant: Sabis Educational Systems Inc. Site: 244 Southern Ave. Purpose: Alteration. Contractor: Bell Construction Services LLC. Cost: $2 million.

        • Applicant: City of Cincinnati. Site: 205 Central Ave. Purpose: Parking lot. Contractor: General Services. Cost: $900,000.

        • Applicant: Hamilton County Board of Commissioners. Site: 399 W. Pete Rose Way. Purpose: Fire alarm. Contractor: Ermco/United. Cost: $250,000.

        • Applicant: Red Bank P.O.B. LLC. Site: 4850 Red Bank Expressway. Purpose: Foundation. Contractor: Cintech Construction Inc. Cost: $244,000.

        • Applicant: Procter & Gamble Co. Site: 4700 Este Ave. Purpose: Addition. Contractor: Fluor Daniel. Cost: $200,000.


        The most expensive commercial property transfers recorded recently in Hamilton, Clermont, Butler and Warren counties in Ohio and Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties in Kentucky, based on dollar values of $200,000 or more (data collected by Transamerica Intellitech, publisher of the Pace Report, from county records):

        • Property: 740 Kings Run Drive, Winton Place, 45232. Use: Parking garage. Price: $2,132,252. Buyer: Kings Court Realty LLC. Seller: Green Ivy Investments Ltd.

        • Property: 400 Circle Freeway Drive, Fairfield 45042. Use: Industrial vacant land. Price: $1.4 million. Buyer: Milliken Enterprises Ohio LLC. Seller: MMI Inc.

        • Property: 463 Pedretti Ave., Delhi Township, 45238. Use: Apartment building. Price: $1,163,900. Buyer: Roark Development LLC. Seller: Pamela Miller.

        • Property: 12290 Chandler Drive, Walton 41094. Use: Commercial warehouse. Price: $1,050,000. Buyer: Fred B. and Mary A. Hines. Seller: Charles Worley.

        • Property: Town Drive, Newport/Southgate, 41071. Use: Commercial structures. Price: $917,000. Buyer: Waco Oil Co. Inc. Seller: KKC Oil Inc.

        • Property: 4214 Bridgetown Road, Cheviot, 45211. Use: Medical clinic and office. Price: $805,000. Buyer: Hook/SupeRx Inc. Seller: North American Christian Convention.

        • Property: 8001 Reading Road, Sycamore Township, 45237. Use: Retail store. Price: $800,000. Buyer: Sitaram Inc. Seller: Brass Ring Properties Limited, trustee.

        • Property: 4122 Bridgetown Road, Cheviot, 45211. Use: Retail store. Price: $675,000. Buyer: Hook/SupeRx Inc. Seller: M&S Supplies LLC.

        • Property: 6226 Montgomery Road, Pleasant Ridge/Kennedy Heights, 45213. Use: Auto service station. Price: $644,000. Buyer: Kenneth W. and Kimberly J. Wilson. Seller: Lowell W. Reese.

        • Property: 162 Barnwood Drive, Fort Mitchell, 41017. Use: Medical clinic and office. Price: $565,000. Buyer: William A. Kreutzjans. Seller: Ghahreman Khodadad, trustee.

        • Property: 4544 Mulhauser Road, Union Township, 45011. Use: Food/drink processing. Price: $561,000. Buyer: Fred D. and Robert Kanter. Seller: Wise Brothers.

        • Property: 10 Beech St., Oxford, 45056. Use: Theater. Price: $530,000. Buyer: Great Escape Lagrange LLC. Seller: Princess 4 Theatres Inc.

        • Property: 2919 Jonrose Ave., Colerain Township, 45239. Use: Apartment building. Price: $446,684. Buyer: Jerry W. and Karen S. Thompson. Seller: A&J Properties.

        • Property: 7847 Tanners Lane, Florence, 41042. Use: Office building. Price: $435,000. Buyer: Compass Land Management LLC. Seller: AAA Cincinnati Inc.

        • Property: 10093 Princeton-Glendale Road, Union Township, 45011. Use: Machine tool shop. Price: $390,000. Buyer: Reading Rock Inc. Seller: Ernst Enterprises Inc.

        • Property: 8960 Bankers St., Burlington 41005. Use: Commercial vacant land. Price: $385,000. Buyer: Florence Chevrolet Inc. Seller: D C KY 18 LLC.

        • Property: 6567 Wyndwatch Drive, Anderson Township, 45230. Use: Abated, municipal improvement. Price: $350,000. Buyer: Kimberly C. Labar. Seller: Glen Massey.

        • Property: 4118 Bridgetown Road, Cheviot, 45211. Use: Apartment building. Price: $310,000. Buyer: Hook SupeRx Inc. Seller: Thomas L. Kleine.

        • Property: 104 William Howard Taft Road, Corryville, 45219. Use: Parking garage. Price: $299,000. Buyer: Cymru Limited. Seller: Christ Hospital Health Services Corp.

        • Property: 101 E. North St., Reading, 45215. Use: Apartment building. Price: $277,000. Buyer: Firstar Bank, trustee. Seller: Ramee Properties.

        • Property: 120 Citycentre Drive, Carthage, 45216. Use: Industrial property. Price: $273,000. Buyer: 120 City Center. Seller: Jeffrey C. Beaty.

        • Property: 4101 Harrison Pike, Cheviot, 45211. Use: Auto sales and service. Price: $235,000. Buyer: Hook/SupeRx Inc. Seller: Earl Gusweiler.


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