Saturday, June 17, 2000

What's the Buzz?

Church's Web site is now unplugged

        The Internet Web site for Storehouse Malachai 3:10 Inc., the “church” operated by former Clermont County minister Gerald Lach, has shut down.

        Shortly after a Clermont County grand jury started this month hearing evidence gathered from a yearlong investigation of Mr. Lach, the site became “temporarily unavailable.”

        June 7, a Clermont County judge issued an injunction appointing a receiver to take control of Mr. Lach's assets and prohibiting the sale of unregistered securities.

        The Ohio Division of Securities charged in May that Mr. Lach had sold about $2 million of stock unregistered with state officials to hundreds of investors, and that he had promised investors millions of dollars in profits but had failed to disclose material information.

        Mr. Lach's attorney could not be reached for comment.

— Cliff Peale

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