Wednesday, June 28, 2000

P&G selling domain names


By Randy Tucker
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Procter & Gamble said Tuesday that it intends to sell almost 100 Internet domain names for which it won't develop Web sites.

        A domain name is an Internet address that consists of two or more parts, each separated by a period.

        For most companies in the United States, the domain name usually carries a “.com” suffix, which represents the commercial nature of the address.

        The Cincinnati-based consumer-goods giant said it will sell some domain names acquired since 1995, including,, and others.

        The nation's largest packaged-goods maker has signed to broker the sale.

        The value of P&G's Internet addresses could be greater than many of its marginal consumer-goods brands, said Paul Goldstone, president of the Norwood-based Domain-It!, which registers Internet domain names.

        “They have some valuable names,” Mr. Goldstone said. “Obviously, the shorter, the better. The more generic, the better. I would say probably would be the most valuable name.”

        Mr. Glodstone said he based his assessment on the recent sale of a similar domain name — — which fetched $1 million in auction.

        The new “cc” domain name suffix represents the CoCos Islands, which has jurisdiction over domain names registered with the “cc” suffix.

        “Even if they don't get what got, they're certainly going to make more than what they paid for it,” Mr. Glodstone said.

        Companies and private citizens can secure Internet domain names from a variety of registrars for a nominal two-year registration fee of about $50 to $70 in most cases, and in some cases for free.


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