Wednesday, June 28, 2000

What's the Buzz?

Local tech scene creating interest

        Last week someone referred to Cincinnati's newborn technology community as “Silicorn Valley.” Call it what you will, as long as you call it.

        Main Street's unofficial mayor, lawyer George Molinsky, said there's a growing interest in the local tech scene. He's done interviews with Fortune and The Economist, but more important, he's been giving tours to folks who want to move their companies here.

        “A company out of New Jersey with an insurance-related project was in a couple of weeks ago,” he said.

        Then there's the group from Texas, another from San Francisco. “They're in a tech business that serves Hollywood, and there's a group being spearheaded by someone in Cincinnati. ... ”

        Why the interest? “A combination of cost and access to workers,” Mr. Molinsky said. The San Francisco firm is currently paying $60 a square foot for office space there, three to four times the cost in Cincinnati.

        So far, though, it's just talk. “Everybody who's come in has said they want to come. I don't know if they will,” he said.

— John Byczkowski

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