Sunday, July 02, 2000

What's the Buzz?

Direct mail aims to sell Cincinnati

        Company CEOs in North America, Germany and Japan soon will be hearing about Greater Cincinnati — directly.

        The Regional Marketing Partners, a group of nine economic-development groups ranging from Butler County to Northern Kentucky, will start its first-ever, direct-mail campaign in July.

        The first mailing will go to owners of small and midsize companies. Three more mailings will follow this fall, focusing on the region's productive work force, local high-tech efforts and quality-of-life measurements like housing prices and transportation.

        It's all an attempt to lure more international companies to start offices or operations here.

        Neil Hensley, director of international marketing at the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, said this was the first direct mailing since the Regional Marketing Partners were formed several years ago.

        The mailings will go to about 1,500 companies, venture capitalists or development consultants in North America, 1,000 in Japan and 1,000 in Germany.

        “In terms of a real pro-active approach, this is the first one the regional marketing partners have done,” Mr. Hensley said.

Cliff Peale

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