Saturday, July 08, 2000

Bike trail opening in Woodlawn

Path part of larger project

By Lew Moores
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        WOODLAWN — A half-mile of bike/hike trail will officially open this morning in Woodlawn, part of a project that will eventually link with other trails and might lead into Winton Woods just to the west of the village.

        The project to construct a half-mile bike/hike trail was the work of the village and the Greenway Task Force, a group coordinating the efforts among different municipalities to construct the hike/bike trail.

        The trail runs along the banks of the West Fork of the Mill Creek. Woodlawn and Greenway officials say the trail helps preserve the environment and green space along the West Fork, and it fosters cooperation among neighboring communities.

        “This is the first phase of our trail,” said Marjie Dogan, acting village manager of Woodlawn. “We're encouraging our folks to use the trail as well as educate them on the preservation of open space and the West Fork of the Mill Creek.”

        The project to pave the half-mile trail, which is about 10 feet wide, cost about $100,000, said John Amneus, a Woodlawn resident and member of the Greenway Task Force.

        The Hamilton County Park District will construct an almost quarter-mile long paved trail that will connect with the trail opening today. That will take place next year, said Jack Sutton, planning director for the park district.

        And eventually the trail will link up with a loop trail in Glenwood Gardens, which the park district is currently developing as a nature preserve with trails just off Springfield Pike in Woodlawn.

        The village and Greenway one day envision the trail linking up with ones in Winton Woods and leading right into the heart of the park at Winton Lake Harbor.

        “That's our dream,” said Ms. Dogan.

        But that's a long-range consideration that has not been budgeted for, Mr. Sutton said.

        He said they would need to see if the demand for such a linkage were there. Questions also exist about private property along that corridor and the problem of terrain not suitable for a trail.

        • What: The grand opening of a paved bike/hike trail along the bank of the West Fork of Mill Creek.


        When: 11 a.m. today.


        Where: Woodlawn Bicentennial Park, 10121 Springfield Pike.


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