Saturday, July 08, 2000

Test your knowledge of Harry Potter

        Unscramble these words associated with the Harry Potter books (Answers at bottom):

        1. AHRYR OTTPRE

        2. ENOIMREH

        3. WHGORTSA

        4. TCHDQDUII

        5. LMAOYF

        6. RLUDSSYE

        7. BNKZAAA

        8. BLGREOOYH

        9. NGTSOIGRT

        10. RFGNIDOFRY

        Too easy? Take this quiz. The answer to each question is the name of a Hogwarts teacher. (Answers at bottom):

        1. Which professor jinxed Harry's Nimbus Two Thousand broom during a Quidditch match?

        2. Which professor was trying to help unjinx the broom?

        3. Which professor went into Moaning Myrtle's bathroom?

        4. Which professor can turn into a cat?

        5. What is the name of the gardening teacher?

        6. Who predicted that Harry would die?

        7. When Harry read Tom Riddle's diary, he witnessed a conversation between Riddle and what professor?

        8. Who taught Harry to create his own Patronus?

        9. Who taught Care of Magical Creatures?

        10. Who is the Charms teacher?

        Scrambler Answers:

        1. Harry Potter

        2. Hermione

        3. Hogwarts

        4. Quidditch

        5. Malfoy

        6. Dursleys

        7. Azkaban

        8. Herbology

        9. Gringotts

        10. Gryffindor.

        Professor Quiz Answers:

        1. Professor Quirrell

        2. Professor Severus Snape

        3. Professor Gilderoy Lockhart

        4. Professor Minerva McGonogall

        5. Professor Sprout

        6. Professor Sybill Trelawney

        7. Professor Dippet

        8. Professor R.J. Lupin

        9. Hagrid

        10. Professor Flitwick

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