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Sunday, July 9, 2000 -- Volume 5, No. 190
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Lisa and Michael Zaret wanted no part of any debate over which parents can best love some of the nation's most fragile children. They wanted a child. Today, the Anderson Township couple is involved with a landmark legal case that may help guide interracial adoptions in America.
Boy's death changed federal law
Adoption requirements and numbers
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Local Headlines for  Sunday, July 09, 2000

Moving Wall stirs emotions
        They began arriving Saturday morning, and some were overwhelmed, bending at the waist in tears, rubbing eyes, stopping conversation in midsentence.

RADEL: Bun Voyage, Camp Washington Chili
        The chili tasted a little saltier than usual. Maybe it was the tears. Dry eyes were rare all day Friday and well into Saturday. Camp Washington Chili closed.

WILKINSON: Can Bedinghaus get over the hump?
        There is a scene in the old Mel Brooks comedy Young Frankenstein where the young Baron Frankenstein is rooting around the ruins of his mad scientist father's old laboratory when he comes across the demented, hunchbacked Igor.

AME won't reserve bishop spot for woman
        Delegates to the African Methodist Episcopal Church's General Conference rejected a resolution Saturday that would have guaranteed election of the first female bishop in the denomination's 213-year history.

Greasy test planned for buses
        By month's end, 155 Metro buses and 133 TANK buses will be running on fuel made partly from used french fry grease.

Metallica fans jam Speedway
        SPARTA, Ky. — More than 50,000 heavy-metal music fans jammed the Kentucky Speedway on Saturday for one of the largest music events in Tristate history.

Earthquake risk exists in Ohio
        ANNA, Ohio — For more than 60 years, Jake Boyer has tried not to wander too far inside large buildings. He likes to be near the doors for quick escape. But who can blame him? In March 1937, Mr. Boyer was sitting in his third-grade classroom when one of the largest earthquakes ever to hit Ohio struck.

Ohio likes to plan for disasters - after one strikes
        DAYTON, Ohio — History has a lesson for those who dismiss the risk of earthquakes in Ohio.

SAMPLES: CF patient dreams of being doctor
        PETERSBURG, Ky. — Kevin Bauereis wants to be a doctor. His own body is a laboratory for treatments.

BRONSON: Signs of our times
        Some headlines are like highway signs that say “Last Chance for Gas” in a desert of decadence. “Turn Back Now, Before it's Too Late,” they warn.

CROWLEY: TV's 'Big Brother,' Ky. style
        How about all these bad voyeuristic shows popping up, like Survivor (haven't seen it) and Big Brother? (Won't watch it.)

Diva driven by faith
        Before she became celebrated as the world's hottest Carmen, before her Metropolitan Opera debut, before her voluptuous glamour shots, Denyce Graves was the middle child of a single mom.

Latest 'Potter' puts Harry under fire
        In her fourth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, writer J.K. Rowling has created the print equivalent of the summer drive-in double feature. At 734 pages, this is two books in one — all the better to while away a week in a hammock.

'Potter' book does vanishing act
        In Harry Potter's world, “muggles” is the word for humans who don't have magical powers. These muggles might have wished for such abilities to summon a copy of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Scholastic, $25.95), which sold out from some Tristate bookstores in hours Saturday morning.

KIESEWETTER: Fall TV season a game of survival
        Forget about people voting someone off an island in a measly million-dollar contest. TV's biggest Survivor game begins this week in Pasadena, Calif., one that all Americans have been playing with the mega-million dollar TV industry for 50 years.

Ballet's elder statesman far from retiring
        When the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo held a reunion in New Orleans a few weeks ago, Frederic Franklin — one of its original and most articulate dancers — arrived late, but for good reason.

'Chorus Line' almost a singular sensation
        Fans of A Chorus Line really require only two things: a) that the ensemble be talented enough to pull it off; and b) don't mess with it, not with the staging, the choreography, not even the costumes.

DEMALINE: 3 friends debut troupe, script
        “I love getting angry when I go to the theater.” That's what Pier Group Theatre Company co-founding member Brian Isaac Phillips says in the press release announcing Pier Group's debut.

Ex-CEO rockin' to oldies band beat
        The beat goes on for Ed Johnson. Last summer he quit his job as president and chief operating officer of StarKist Seafood to pursue personal interests, which included playing drums for the oldies rock band 4 on the Floor.

        A guide to help make your day.

KNIPPENBERG: Super time at the opera
        He's just being a super kind of guy, that's all.

Main Auction Galleries to sell a bundle of toys
        Boats, trains, wagons and fire engines — especially fire engines — go on the auction block Tuesday at Main Auction Galleries, 137 W. Fourth St., downtown.

Pig Parade: King Millie
        This is 71st in a series spotlighting pigs from the Big Pig Gig Public Art Project taking place in Cincinnati, Covington and Newport.
Soup's on at St. Rita Fest
        EVENDALE — An 84-year-old family tradition keeps people coming back to the St. Rita Fest year after year. Even the recipe for the revered mock turtle soup is shrouded in secrecy — only four family members are privy to it.

Who should be cast away?
        CBS' Survivor pits castaways against each other as they vote each week on whom to kick off the desert island. A fifth person was sent packing Wednesday, leaving 11 competing for the $1 million prize.

DAUGHERTY: Out-of-touch friend wrenches the heart
        I call Fred every so often. They're house calls, friend to patient, to make sure the rhythms of his world are holding steady.

Army players add sizzle to Pops' big-band sounds
        “Swing is back — are ya in the mood?” crowed Cincinnati Pops conductor Erich Kunzel.

Australia trip eye-opener
        FORT THOMAS — Fort Thomas city administrator Jeff Earlywine recently returned from three weeks in Australia as part of a city management exchange program. He talked to The Enquirer about his experiences, including similarities and differences in local government from Northern Kentucky to Australia.

Center to study school violence
        LOUISVILLE — A million dollars in federal money has been set aside to develop a center at the University of Louisville that will help find ways to end school violence.

Center will help domestic violence victims
        For the 23-year-old woman with two young children, living in the Tom Geiger Guest House has offered opportunities she never had before.

Fugitive kills boys in crash, then is shot
        AKRON, Ohio — A driver fleeing police slammed into a minivan and killed two young brothers, then was killed in a gunfight between police and a suspected accomplice.

Local digest
        Two males from New York City have been arrested and charged with aggravated robbery in connection with Friday's Provident Bank robbery in Northside. A third suspect remained at large, police said.

Monroe gets new principal
        MONROE — Robert Amodio will leave Northwest High School to become principal of Lemon-Monroe High School.

OSU says athletes need higher grades
        COLUMBUS — Ohio State University's student athletes have a low graduation rate because their coaches don't place enough emphasis on grades, school officials said Friday.

        COVINGTONMitchell Sipus, a senior at Covington Catholic High School, has won a $1,000 Docent Award from the Taft Museum of Art.

Reports raising doubts about death penalty
        WASHINGTON — From Oregon to Maryland, grass-roots efforts to abolish or impose a moratorium on the death penalty are rapidly multiplying.

Square to get $1.9M upgrade
        HAMILTON — City and community leaders hope a $1.9 million streetscape project will help rejuvenate the once-bustling southeast business district surrounding Bailey Square.

State senator donates to GOP
        LAKESIDE PARK — It was political benevolence and not campaign overconfidence that led Republican state Sen. Dick Roeding to donate $40,000 of his re-election funds to other GOP senators, his campaign says.

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