Saturday, July 15, 2000

'NSync fans review the concert

        Here are e-mail reviews we received from 'NSync fans who attended the July 14 concert at Cinergy Field:

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Stephanie Hooper:
        Friday night's concert was the absolute Greatest Concert of all time. N'Sync really rocked the house. This was my first time seeing them in concert and I kid you not it was well worth the price of my ticket. The whole show was well laid out, the thousands of screaming fans showed this band that Cincinnati can really party with the best. I was, however, a little disappointed that Brittany never got the chance to get on stage and perform. But that's OK, because 'NSync really brought a lot of smiles and tears to 40,000 fans!!! I truly hope they come back because I will definitely be going!! Joey, Lance, Chris, Justin and JC.... you guys are #1 !!!! And to the critic who wrote the horrible review of the concert, you are just jealous of the fab 5 because they make more money in 1 day than you do in a year!!!! 'NSync rules and they WILL NEVER Go Away!! This I Promise You !!!!!

Lauren Rockwell:
        OK, for all you middle-aged pop music band critic wannabes who said that the *NSYNC concert in Cinergy Field on July 14 was awful, GET A CLUE!! It was the best concert that I have ever been to! The boys started out with the title track "No Strings Attached", written by band member JC Chasez, and then proceded to sing 8 other beautiful songs from "No Strings Attached" and 4 songs from "NSYNC." It was an awesome show. They had a hilarious "Who Wants to Be a Millionare" skit, and a spoff of MTV's TRL, calling it TNL. They had 5 costume changes, and a dazzling light show with pyrotechnics and fireworks. All in all the boys deliverd an awe-inspiring performance, breaking hearts, and tearing up charts! *NSYNC 4 EVA!!!

        The concert was very good!!!! I like them a whole bunch. They are so hot. The only disappointment was that I was not able to meet them and give them the 5 dozen roses I planted for them. Their voices are so sweet and make my heart melt. Joey is my favorite because he reminds me of my ex-boyfriend, Tyler. When they played "God must have spent a little more time on you", I cried because that was our song. Everyone should go to see NSync because they will make everyone feel so good.

Theresa Kathman:
        You could feel the excitement and electricity from the moment you stepped into the stadium. I was all pumped up and ecstatic when the guys finally got on stage. It was just an awesome experience and I can't wait until they come back to Cincinnati again!

        The concert was AWESOME! Whoever could say it was mediocre is crazy, although, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So, this is mine ... I'm a 27 year old and I've been to my share of concerts (including the concert for the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame) and this rocked! I drove all the way from Cleveland and it was completely worth it! I was in the 9th row of the blue seats, which were pretty darn good. It was a great view and Justin and Lance made their way over to wave hello and goodbye to all of us. There's only one small thing I'm having a bit of a problem with and it's beginning to irritate me a little. When I read about *NSYNC, listen about them on TV or radio, there's always something about Britney Spears. I am so SICK of her. I don't care if she's dating Justin T. I don't care if she's engaged to him either. I don't care if she was in town that night. I don't care if she marries Justin and they have 12 kids. I was there to see them and hear them and hear about them, not her. Otherwise, they did an awesome job and Cinergy Field was an awesome place to attend the concert.

        I'd just like to make a comment on the Enquirer's review by Chris Varias. N'SYNC caters to a younger crowd. Of course you're not going to like it if you're over 30 and too old to appreciate the hype, and the way these five guys make every 13-year-old girl swoon and cry. If they did the same for you, I'd be a little concerned! Please, take into consideration the average age of the audience, and give the guys a little credit. It takes a greater effort to do what they did on Friday night (entertain 40,000 screaming obsessed, sometimes annoying fans) than it did for Mr. Varias to sit down and string together negative words on his computer screen, and their effort deserves far more credit then his.

        I thought the concert was the second best that I've ever seen. The reason most people didn't like the concert was because the sound was terrible, but that's not Nsync's fault. That's the stadium's fault. I loved the concert. The band danced really good. I would give the concert two thumbs up. The one thing I didn't like was that when I got there my seats weren't even there. They didn't put out 100 floor seats. So they told me to sit anywhere. Cinergy Field is really unorganized.

Katie Griff:
        I have to say that the Enquirer review was pretty bad. N SYNC did a good job of balancing things. There wasn't too much of the same moves. It had a lot of energy and variety. As for the screaming they can't help it that they have 40,000 fans in this city alone, plus all of the people that couldn't come because of Cinergy Field's limited space. I do admit that people crying over this band and almost hyperventilating in the sound test, like mentioned in Saturday's paper, is uncalled for. Those crying and passing out need to understand that it is just a band! I disagree with the writer of the review when he emphasized that all of the fans that would've enjoyed it had to be below 16. I saw many people around me whom were in there late teens and 20s.

        I love N*sync and I think they did a great job. Like J.C. said, it was very exciting and exhausting!!! They totally rock and I love Justin!!! I threw a beachball out that had N*sync, their names, and what they like on it!!! I think that is really cool so if you like N*sync, check it out!!!

Erin P.
        I thought the *NSYNC concert was the best concert ever! It rocked. I could hear every word they sang loud and clear, and I could see everything! The special effects were the best! I say NSYNC is one of the best performers out there today! They totally beat out BSB!!!

        Being yet another "non-traditional" fan of the group (I am 21 years old) I found their concert to be amazing! The choreography, costumes and effects really made it worth the price of the ticket! I was a bit annoyed by the screaming that never seemed to stop and sometimes drowned out the music. That could have a little to do with the Cinergy Field acoustics (non-existent) as well, though. All in all, I thought it was a great show. I was on my feet dancing and singing the whole time!

Jamie Lang:
        I was rather upset when I read the Enquirer's concert review about 'NSync. In the article, Chris Varias said "By the time 'NSync's singing made its way from the stage set up in deep center field to, say, the blue seats behind the third base dugout it was not easily heard." Mr. Varias also had said "perhaps the worst sounding concert experience outside the Firstar Center." My sister and I had blue seats, 7th row, behind the 3rd base dugout, and we had no trouble hearing at all. I could understand some people not being able to hear, because of the fans yelling for 'NSync. I would also just like to say that most, if not all the people there had a wonderful time, and Mr. Varias's article could not change that.

        Hey, I was at the concert and I thought it rocked. I had the best time ever and it was actually the third time I've seen them. The girl who said that they were jerks at the hotel was way off. I waited near the back of the hotel because I had heard they liked to go through the backdoor and sure enough after an hour Joey came. He was real cool. He talked to me for about ten minutes. He said he liked Cincinnati and would love to come back again. I told him I was his biggest fan even though a lot of the guys make fun of me for liking their music. He said dont worry about it ... there's nothing wrong with being different. So anyway he invited me up to his room and said that the rest of the guys wouldn't be back for a while and that we could be alone. I told him my mom was going to pick me up soon and I should probably ask her if it's OK. He said he couldn't force me to come but that's all right anyway. I enjoyed the concert.

Mandy Land:
        NSYNC is the best!!! This concert rocked like big time!!! I've been to one other concert of theirs and this one was a lot better!!!! Their opening acts were pretty cool and especially Pink!!! NSYNC is way better than the Backstreet Boys any day!!!! Chris looked hot!!! As a matter of fact, all of them looked good!!! I think NSYNC sings better than BSB, dances better and looks better!!! hope NSYNC comes back real soon!!! NSYNC all the way baby!!! I luv u Chris!!!

Katie Czanik:
        "Nsync" had a lot of great moves. I went to the concert with two of my best friends. We were in the 14th row and we could see them really good from our seats.I have been to two of their concerts in Cincinnati: The Crown, and at Cinergy Field. When Justin was singing GOD MUST HAVE SPENT A LITTLE MORE TIME ON YOU, I think it is a song about him and I caue that is how much I love, and that is how I fell in LOVE with him. They're my favorite group, and that will never change.

        I thought the article in the Enquirer was totally and completely wrong! NSYNC is the most awesome group! It was rated the biggest, most sold out concert since the Rolling Stones came! All the guys were fabulous and incredible! Their dance moves were unstoppable! I can not wait till they come again - I'll be in the front row!! I luv you, Justin and JC!! NSYNC was AWESOME!!!!!!

Shelli Alexander:
        I am a 32-year old "young" woman and I went with my best friend and her daughters, who are 16 and 8. We had 12th row seats and I loved every minute of it. The guys were all awesome, but I really have to praise Chris and JC because they were very personable to the screaming fans. The review in your paper was very one-sided, the gentleman who wrote it seemed to be like everyone else who just thinks of them as another "boy band." Give all the boys a chance, just because the BSB, LFO, 98degrees, Five, all have "boys" in them doesn't mean they are all the same. All those groups have very different sounds, and very different personalities in them. Close your mouth and eyes, and only listen with your heart to the talent these boys were given to share with the world ! Think of their fans, their parents, their future families, and their feelings before you say those negative things next time. What if that were a child of yours. "Do unto others!" I'm proud of you NSYNC ! and I will always be a fan. Reach for the stars!!

Shannon Back:
        I'm going to start off by saying I am sick and tired of reading reviews that say that the *nsync concert was bad. They wrote the same thing twice last year and frankly I think you need to get a new reporter who isn't 80 years old and says it's a bad concert cause it was too loud for them. I have been to 5 *NSYNC concerts over the past year and Friday's was by far the best I've seen. They are 5 of the most talented performers I have ever seen. I know everyone has a right to their own opinion, but to put down every concert over and over again is just wrong. Please remember that the more you bash *NSYNC the more us fans are going to fight for them.


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