Saturday, July 15, 2000

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        Here are e-mail reviews we received from 'NSync fans who attended the July 14 concert at Cinergy Field:

        One word....AWESOME!!!! NSYNC blew everyone out of the stadium with their awesome voices, awesome choreography and their awesome looks!!! I danced and sang the whole entire time!!! I went with my best friend and her sister and we all had so much fun!!!!! We were in 9th row so our seats were awesome!! This was by far the best concert I've been too and I will continue supporting my boys forever!! I'm sure everyone that went will agree that it was an awesome concert and a great time!! During "Just Got Paid" they had a lot of confetti and I remember sticking a little in my back pocket!! I love NSYNC so much and I always will!! NSYNC is the best!! I love Lance!

Lauren Kester:
        First of all, I have to say that the review in the Enquirer was terrible. These 5 guys are so incredibly talented, and he had no right to put them down.         Friday's concert was much better than their last, and you could tell how hard all of them worked to perfect everything. They all have such incredible voices, and seeing them live really proves that. Plus, their dance moves are incredible, but for me, it's all about the music, and just watching them made me realize once and for all that performing is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

        I had red seats way up in the nose bleed section, but when I went down to section 141 to meet their first opening act, Ron Isazarry, the concert started, so I ended up watching them from a side view on the 100 level. I would have thought that they would be focused on the fans in the front, but no matter where you sat, at least one of the guys managed to wave in your direction. They really appreciate all of their success, and their fans. Seeing them in person just made you realize that even more.

        Though the show was great, along with all the noise and the explosion, it got a little tiring hearing all of the "I love you, Justin" and "JC, you are so hot!" type phrases that so many were screaming out. Half of the fans are only into them for their look, and that's very clear. Fans like me, who got hooked to their sound before we even saw their faces, were crying and enjoying every minute of the show, while some girls were continuously jumping up and down, wearing practically nothing, trying to get one of the guy's attention. I just wanted to point out, if you're not into them for their music, you're not a true fan.

        Anyways, I just have to say that Joey, Justin, JC, Chris and Lance deserve only good reviews and much applause for what they did on Friday. Seeing them for my second time was definitely better than the first, and I have no doubt that the next one will be even better

        I met them at their hotel and they were total jerks. We were waiting for hours, then Joey and Lance came out. Lance stayed on the phone and ignored us. Then, to Joey, we were like "please shake our hands and say Hi", and he completly ignored us and walked by. Then Chris came out. He shook a few hands and left. Then Justin and Britney Spears left out the back, but we caught up to them. Justin had his hand on his head and had this mad look that said "Get the heck away, I know I am better then you". Justin is a total jerk. We met him before and he was like that. Then the next day we went back to the hotel and they all ignored us. The bodyguards pushed all the fans against the wall and we all got trampled and some of us were crying because we were hurt, but when Nsync came out they didn't even care. They just walked by without even a wave. They are a bunch of fake jerks and I hate them now.

Erin Hannan:
        I traveled from Kansas City, Missouri, to see *NSYNC again because I loved it so much the first time. The reviewer for your paper wrote what he thought everyone wanted to hear. I have not spoken to one person who saw the show and didn't like it (and that includes adults). I had two extra tickets and I forced my 50 year old father to go and guess what... he loved it!!! My mom could not make him leave early as he had planned. And let me just tell you that *NSYNC uses no prerecorded sounds in their show. It is truly the greatest show on earth and anyone that doesn't like it has their eyes closed to reality.

Katie Kitchin:
        July 14 was absolutely the best night of my entire life. The NSYNC show was amazing. All five guys' dance moves and smooth voices were awesome. The entire night was dream-like! Thanks, NSYNC ,for such a great night!

        I must admit that for the last two concerts I was among the young girls completely and utterly obsessed with *NSYNC...they were everywhere...on my walls, on my mind, my heart felt like it would explode. However, I have matured now and for this *NSYNC concert I didn't go to see my future "husband"...I went to see a group that I enjoy - their music, their energy, and as a woman...their good looks as well!! I was severely disappointed with your review of the concert. I feel that critics are never given much respect and your critic doesn't deserve any. Not just because the review wasn't exactly glowing, but because he seemed hopelessly biased and presented an extremely biased view of the concert. Instead of reviewing the concert on the musical talent and entertainment expertise of the performers, he insisted on relying upon the preconceived notions I'm sure he entered Cinergy with - notions which were formed from other people's opinions and his own experiences in concerts past. Hopefully in the future you will not present a critique that does nothing but tell other members of the community of his/her age and/or opinion what THEY want to hear.

Tami Daily:
        Friday night was awesome! I sat in the upper deck but you could still see who was who on the stage. Plus, the jumbo screens helped a lot. When I first saw NSYNC as the came down from the rafters I screamed from then till the end of "BYE BYE BYE." Every one there didn't want to see them go BYE BYE BYE. It was 'Tearin up my heart' to see them go off stage, but this concert was WAY better than the 1999 tour. There was so much going on through out their performance. Plus, all the screams for Justin were ear piercing. It was GREAT! I have been a fan since '98 and I can't see me stopping...cuz there's NO STOPPIN them NOW! We all should GET in synch with *NSYNC!!!
Bri Holcomb:
        Friday's concert was the greatest. I do not have any experience where concerts are concerned since this was my first concert ever and I am 20 yrs old. But I must say that Chris Varias who wrote the concert review for the Enquirer obviously did not see the same show that the 40,000 people did. But as in life, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, his was completely biased and one sided. So my review goes as follows: The concert was directed towards every age from the Rolling Stones playing before NSYNC came on to the light shows and the confetti and the... Let's just say that the concert was awesome. I just hope that after the bad review that Chris Varias gave them that they will come back to Cincinnati for their second leg of the tour.

        I'd like to say the concert was OK. I've been to 10 concerts. I thought the TV thing they did 2 times was OK but they just wanted to fill up their space up with them. They took so long to get up on the stage too and had too many clothes change. It was not a $50 concert. It should have been $25. Don't get my wrong, I love NSYNC and I think they sing so great. I got all ready to see them and got let down. The last concert of theirs on TV was better. I wouldn't pay to see them again, not unless they would do more. They also didn't run on the sides to see their fans and they had too much dancing. I'm sorry, but I didn't like it.

        I think that your reporter and the reporter from Columbus must have gotten together to write the review of this concert. So what's next, are you going to get together with the Cleveland reporter so the guys can be bashed everywhere they go in the state of Ohio? I am not your average NSync fan at 24 years old. I have been to several Nsync concerts and this was the best one by far. The vocals were great for five guys who put their heart and soul into every concert. It must be hard on them to put a great show on only to have it bashed by some reporter who doesn't happen to like Boybands. They kept Cinergy Field on their feet for more time than the Reds could ever do. What a great concert and hope they come back next year!
Michelle Parker:
        NSYNC rocked the house!!! Their show was AWESOME! They sang my favorite song "This I Promise You." Even though I said before I got there I was gonna act like a normal person and not scream, I couldn't help it - I HAD to scream! Thanks to Q102, I won the tickets at The Beach WaterPark by finding a gold dollar in the wave pool. Thanks to my lucky penny I found before I got to The Beach! I LOVE YOU JOEY!!! THANKS Q102! I had so much fun!

        Yesterday was seriously the BEST day of my entire life!!! I had blue seats, so I could see them pretty good!!! They looked more gorgeous than I have EVER seen them before!! They put on an awesome show, and it is worth the money!!!!!!! I saw their tour buses as they were leaving, and my sweetie, Lance, even waved @ me!!!!!! I didn't mind the costume changes at all because they always had something on the screen, like Lance on the millionaire show. They danced awesome, sang awesome and looked awesome!!! What more can you want, besides it to be longer!!!! To top it off, I was there with my best bud, who loves them as much as me! I think that we were the two loudest girls in there!!! When it got quiet, and you kept on heaing someone yell out "I LUV LANCE", it was me!!!! I was freaking out the whole time!!!!!

        I am sorry but whoever did the Enquirer's concert review was a complete moron! The guys rocked Cinergy Field better than a REDS game. The first time I went to see them at Riverbend I was a little disappointed. However, this show just makes me love them even more. I am 24 years old and most of my friends Who are my age or older love NSYNC and we are not from the teenybopper community anymore...although, most of the teenagers that I have spoken with concerning this group are very mature for their ages. The laser show fireworks display, scene changes... everything about the concert was above and beyond my expectations, even though the review was lousy to say the least. NSYNC WILL ALWAYS BE NSYNC, no matter how bad a person prejudges their music because they are 5 guys who happen to be doing what they love. I just suggest to the person that wrote the article to find what you love and do because to prejudge a review means that you are not openminded enough to judge after the fact...and that is not a quality you should have when you are reviewing something.

        That was by far the best concert I have ever been to. Yeah, there was a lot of booming, but that is what added so much energy to the show! That, combined with the energy, talent, and intensity of the group, made it a whole lot of fun! Even from the blue seats! Their whole act made it seem like they really liked what they were doing, and were really into it. It wasn't just some synchronized dance moves, it was like all their energy went into making the whole thing a success.

Jill Gates:
        This was the third and by far the best concert I've seen from *N Sync. They amaze me every time I see them! This concert was great. The sound wasn't the best but it was still the best night I've had in a while. The green lasers, pyro, moving stage, and cute little things to keep the audience's attention during costume changes added to the show. Some people said that the pyro and lasers took away from the music and the show. I totally disagree. My favorite was "Space Cowboy" and "Digital Getdown", those songs are great. Also during these songs the guys had incredible dance moves. I think the proved how good they were during "I Thought She Knew". Their five-part harmony was amazing. They did a great job last night! I hope they come back again!

Christine Huffman-Timberlake:
        First I wanna say that I drove about four hours from West Virginia and don't regret a second of it. I had meet and greet passes so I got to meet them. It was so cool. They all looked really sexy, especially Justin. Me and my best friend Tasha left the hotel at 12 in hopes that we would see them before the meet and greets, but we didn't. Now on to the concert. It was the best time I have ever had. The guys looked soooooooooo hott!!! The music was great and the dance moves rocked. But they always do. I cant wait till I go to another concert next year. Bye bye bye!

Kim Stamper:
        The concert was awesome especially when they came flying down and the stage moved and it was just rockin!!I got to be on the radio and everything. We had just about front row seats - it was just row 12 - but you could see them perfectly, especially when they were shakin their bootys!! They are so hot and they just put on a great concert. The concert this year was better than last year!!

        I made a poster that lighted up and said "I love Justin" in lights, but we weren't allowed to take posters in so I had glitter all over me and everything!! Then JC, Lance, Chris, Joey, and JUSTIN all waved. They were just amazing ... So was Pink and the other 2 that performed, Joey's brother was one of the announcers at the show!! We(the crowd) got to pick the songs they were gonna play and watch shows while costume changes and when you thought they were done performing they came back out after all of the crowd... YES!!! Everybody including me started screaming *Nsync!!

        One of my mom's friends coworkers daughter got to go backstage and I heard Justin was apparently being rude!!! Now since he's got Britney he's changed I think and a lot of other people think they should BREAK UP!!! I was screamin and jumpin so much for them I think this lady in front of me that I kept jumpin on wanted me to Grow up!!! We were standin on chairs till the stage crew came and told us to get down!! And I didn't think I was gonna have a voice today but I kinda do and I thought I wasn't gonna be able to hear either!!

        I got to see their tour bus and everything. I just loved seeing them!! It took an hour to get out of the parking garage!! Cause no one would even move, everyone had their radios turned on Q102 because they were playing *Nsync concert instant replay!! And you could hear the music even if you didn't have your radio turned on the station!! But the concert was just awesome and I'd love for them to come again and I loved my seats!!!! I love all of the members!! *NSYNC is here to stay!!!!

        The show was quite cool but the Backstreet Boys could do it better!

Melissa Doyle:
        I have been to see NSYNC before and each time I have seen them it gets better and better. I have over 5 different NSYNC cd's and let me just say that only listening to them does not do justice unless you can get lucky enough to actually see them in person. They are always so full of energy and they are always willing to let the audience get up on stage and play their own special part in helping to make the concerts what they turn out to be. The only thing that I was disappointed with was the fact that we, my friends and I, bought our tickets based on the map that Cinergy had of what the concert was supposed to be and when we got there, the stage was pushed back so far that we were basically as far back as we were for the other concerts. But we soon got over it and enjoyed the concerts like nothing before. It was definitely everything it was cracked up to be and NSYNC is definitely everything they are cracked up to be and even more.


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