Monday, July 17, 2000

Online resumes require special tweaking

By Jerry Langdon
Gannett News Service

        Online job recruiting has significantly changed the way resumes are prepared and presented, making the job search harder for candidates who have not changed with the times, according to recruiters at, the career Web site of Management Recruiters International.

        “Long gone are the days when resumes were vague about specific experiences, and relied heavily on job titles and overview descriptions of work and skills,” said MRI chief information officer Neil Fox.

        Mr. Fox has these suggestions to make resumes stand out online:

        • Use key words or terms (especially nouns) that highlight your skills and experience.

        • Customize your resume for specific job descriptions.

        • Eliminate the fancy fonts, boldface, or underlining. They don't work, so keep it simple graphically.

        • Keep it short. Long resumes are the kiss of death online.

        • Don't e-mail your resume as an attachment. Paste your resume into the e-mail.

        • Be project-oriented and cite measurable accomplishments.

        • Don't spam your resume everywhere. Be selective.


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