Thursday, July 27, 2000

Party chief backs Holcomb assistant

By Steve Kemme
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        HAMILTON — The chairman of the Butler County Democratic Party is endorsing Dan Gattermeyer to replace John F. Holcomb as prosecutor and as the party's candidate on the Nov. 7 ballot.

        Don Daiker, party chairman, sent letters Wednesday to all 80 members of the Butler County Democratic Central Committee, urging them to vote for Mr. Gattermeyer at the committee's special meeting Tuesday.

        The committee will choose someone to serve the remaining five months of Mr. Holcomb's term, and someone to replace him on the ballot as the Democratic candidate for prosecutor.

        Mr. Daiker said Mr. Gattermeyer would be the best choice for both appointments.

        Mr. Holcomb, who has been prosecutor for 27 years, died Saturday of an apparent heart attack. The county commissioners appointed Mr. Gattermeyer, one of Mr. Holcomb's top assistant prosecutors, to be acting prosecutor.

        “I think Dan's not only the most qualified candidate, but he's also the most electable candidate,” Mr. Daiker said.

        Mr. Gattermeyer has scheduled a press conference for this morning to discuss his plans.

        He has the unanimous support of the prosecution staff and was Mr. Holcomb's choice to succeed him, he said.

        Mr. Gattermeyer, 42, has been an assistant prosecutor for 15 years. He has never run for public office, but he was running Mr. Holcomb's re-election campaign.

        Mr. Daiker said he knows of no other Democrat who is seeking to replace Mr. Holcomb.


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