Monday, July 31, 2000

Providing answers to what works at work

        Tom Terez spent two years researching job sites, interviewing hundreds of employees and managers and developing strategies in an effort to offer insight into what is a meaningful place to work.

        His book outlines 22 broad categories for executives looking to enhance the workplace to woo and then keep the best workers.

        Mr. Terez, a former reporter, found that critical ingredients to a meaningful workplace fall into five broad categories:

        • Mission keys: purpose, direction, relevance and validation.

        • People keys: respect, equality, informality, flexibility and ownership.

        • Development keys: challenge, invention, support and personal development.

        • Community keys: dialogue, relationship building, service, acknowledgment and oneness.

        • Me keys: self-identity, fit, balance and worth.

        Organizations do not have to address all 22 keys to create an enriched workplace, he said, but do need to address many.

        For more information and excerpts, check out his Web site at


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